March 2023 - QualityFry

Month: March 2023

Oriental gastronomy has more than three thousand years of existence and is considered one of the oldest and most concerned with the search for balance and contrast in the fusion of its flavors. The use of fresh ingredients, cereals and the high consumption of fruits and vegetables make oriental cuisine a totally attractive and delicious culinary experience for any consumer. For this reason, at QualityFry, we give you an idea to surprise your customers, an oriental menu with varied options prepared in our iQ 630 Carrousel equipment.


QualityFry starts March on the right foot by reaffirming its presence in Europe through its participation in various fairs in Italy, Spain and Austria. Taking the progress of professional cooking through the design and manufacture of smokeless and odorless automatic frying technology, which can only be achieved with the brand’s iQ models.

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