Street Food or food at street level is a concept that is living a reinterpretation that the new entrepreneurs of the food and beverage should be aware and Fast Chef Elite can give it the push that need.

This type of establishments are becoming one of the most popular trends. Already in last edition of Host Milan 2011 was taken into account in more than 80% of the business models in the sector and, in the edition of this year of San Sebastián Gastronomika was again focus. In this famous culinary event the foodtruck arrived by the hand of great chefs: James Knappet (owner of the Buble Dogs in London) with his host dogs with champagne and Albert Adriá with his “spanish dogs by Albert Adriá ”

In Spain are still not very present in our day to day but the weather conditions and the gastronomic culture favour the development of this trend. The specialists in the HORECA channel, we know, because of this we bet on the I + D + i and Fast Chef Elite is a clear example. Thanks to the great gastronomic offer, the versatility of the products and the variety of locating, the Street Food has changed to be a concept, to be a new business line.


Can you imagine walking down the street and enjoy some Boletus Croquettes first, second some Chicken Pops for dessert Crunchy Custard in only 5 minutes? Or going to the cinema and having some chicken nuggets and some french fries fresh just in 3 minutes?

All are products and concepts that already are in the market, a new opportunity of business booming awaiting for you, Do you aim?

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