QualityFry is the Spanish benchmark for the design, manufacture and distribution of automatic frying technology without smoke, without odours and without mixing flavours, for the Foodservice.

Since 2015, our products have had the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission, which certifies that our cooking equipment fries without smoke and without odours. Furthermore, it recognises that the ECOFRY technology of the FAST CHEF ELITE fryer works in two ways: the non-emission of smoke (which reduces the ecological footprint during the processing of foods) and also the preparation of fried dishes which maintain their nutritional value.

Working towards efficient cooking and the incorporation of new technologies is increasingly important in the restaurant sector, and QualityFry is a pioneer in our sector with projects for energy saving and operator safety through the built-in smoke extraction system.

We provide services in three continents, with a large number of clients in 13 countries. Furthermore, we have distributors in Norway, Sweden, France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, and Germany, among other countries.