Report on trends and innovation in gastronomy and hospitality

Discover the main trends in hospitality and gastronomy from experts such as Pedro Subijana, Susi Díaz and Mario Sandoval.

Trying to anticipate what will happen in hospitality is not an easy task. What path will Spanish hospitality follow? What challenges will it have to face? What are the main innovations that we will see? How will culinary research techniques develop? The first Report on trends in gastronomy and hospitality answers these and other questions, examining various aspects of the sector: innovation, gastronomy, research and investment.

With this guide, you will have pertinent information on:

  •  The vision of chefs such as Pedro Subijana, Susi Díaz and Mario Sandoval
  •  The experience of associations such as FEHR, FACYRE and the Royal Academy of Gastronomy
  •  Keys for managing human resources
  •  Errors to avoid

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