Qualityfry has submitted its fryers, to a technical controls of chemical agents (ammonia), carried out by accredited external companies (ENAC).

FRYER FAST CHEF ELITE CERTIFICATE AMMONIA QUALITYFRYAccording to the results obtained after the tests, we can conclude that, with respect to the The concentration of ammonia produced by our fryers after frying 12.5 kg (27.5 lb) of product is 0.044 mg/m3. This value corresponds to 0.31% of the limit value of the Professional Environmental Exposure defined for this chemical agent, which is 14 mg/m3, guaranteeing a healthy work environment.

The analysis of the samples have been carried out in the INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE LABORATORIES, belonging to the company SGS Tecnos, which have extensive equipment and experience in the analysis of this type of samples, as well as control programs of quality, both internal and external, that guarantee their results.

*The laboratories of SGS are accredited by ENAC as Testing Laboratories according to the norm UNE-EN 45001. A copy of the report is available on request.