Through a dynamic olfactometry analysis, carried out by Labaqua laboratories, accredited by ENAC, Qualityfry carries out a study to evaluate the deodorization system incorporated in their fryers.

FRYER FAST CHEF ELITE CERTIFICATE DYNAMIC OLFACTOMETRYThe results of the dynamic olfactometry analysis indicate that the percentage of odor elimination obtained by our equipment is 99.95%. In other words, the Qualityfry´s fryers only emits 0.05% of the flavours produced in a traditional fry and perceived by the human being, resulting more efficient than a traditional frying solution with extraction hood.

The analysis of the samples have been carried out in the Labaqua´s laboratories, by the Department of Ozone Diagnostics (AirQuality).

*The Labaqua´s laboratories are accredited by ENAC and their methods and procedures are based on the spanish norm UNE-EN 13725 “Air quality-determination of odor concentration by dynamic olfactometry”.

A copy of the report is available on request.