QualityFry, together with Sunati -its distributor in Portugal-, presented its range of smoke and odour-free fryers at Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa 2019, which took place from 24th to 16th March at the Feria Internacional de Lisboa (FIL), Portugal.

Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa is considered to be the biggest business platform for the food, distribution and catering sectors in Portugal.

In this edition, we adopted a new position focused on three strategic lines that present new challenges for entities and businesses enabling them, in the short and medium term, to meet current needs of the industry, distribution, the Horeca channel and current and future consumers.

Professional visitors were able to access a space that brought together the greatest selection from the food, restaurant and hotel sectors. A space able to meet all needs in the three strategic lines: New Trends in Healthy Eating, Food Innovation and Recovery of National Production.

Alimentaria Lisboa has strategically positioned itself as a business platform between Europe, Africa and South America. As well as covering the entire Portuguese market, it is a natural bridge for food industry trade with countries with Portuguese influence – Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique – and with a total of over 200 million potential customers.

Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa 2019: new markets for Qualityfry

Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa 2019

QualityFry demonstrated to various food industry professionals, traditional and modern distribution professionals, specialised shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. how they can use QualityFry’s smoke and odour-free appliances to fry both fresh and frozen products.

This technology has been recognised by the European Commission as a beneficiary of the SME Instrument Phase 2, within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme.

The ecofry technology, which is incorporated into the whole line of QualityFry fryers, facilitates sustainable, healthy cuisinefree from smoke and odour emissions and with greater energy efficiency.

Together with our distributor, Sunati, we carried out live demonstrations so that our visitors could enjoy our cooking shows live.