From 7th to 10th May, QualityFry participated as an exhibitor in HOFEX 2019, the leader in food and drink products, catering equipment and supplies for Hong Kong.

In this edition, Hofex 2019, over 2,800 international brands from 74 countries welcomed over 42,000 visitors who came to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

With 32 years experience, HOFEX has led the industry on many extraordinary tours of the culinary delights of the world, and it has brought the most comprehensive selection of food and drink, catering equipment and supplies to Asia.

Over the course of the five days of the fair, a series of fascinating and informative events were developed that enabled industry colleagues from all over the world to exchange experiences, such as competitions seminars or workshops.

QualityFry brings its appliances to Hofex 2019

QualityFry was one of the exhibitor brands that attracted most attention from the first day of Hofex 2019. The ecofry technology, which is incorporated into the whole line of QualityFry fryers, surprised visitors since it facilitates sustainable, healthy cuisine, free from smoke and odour emissions and with greater energy efficiency.

During the fair, visitors were able to see first-hand that it is possible to fry without a smoke vent or extractor hood thanks to the equipment developed by QualityFry. Its technology enabling smoke and odour-free cooking makes QualityFry a great ally of hotels, convenience stores, refreshments stands, airports, etc.

These characteristics have been endorsed by various technical-scientific studies; moreover,  QualityFry receives funding from the Horizon 2020 Framework Project for Research and Innovation by the European Union under Agreement No. 805754.

Live cooking shows

Visitors who passed by the QualityFry stand were able to enjoy live cooking shows and sample the wide range of products cooked without smoke or odours using the appliances designed and manufactured by the company.


Thank you to all visitors for joining us and see you next time!