Frying 4.0: innovation, technology and automation for health and sustainability, is the title of the conference that Rocío Teruel Gutiérrez, R&D Food Product Manager of Qualityfry, will offer on April 11 at 10.00am in the XXII Conference on Practical Nutrition to be held within the next edition of the XII International Congress of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics. Both the Conference and the Congress will be held at the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid.

The QualityFry´s technology arrives at Complutense University of Madrid

The Conference on Practical Nutrition and the XII Nutrition Congress, held on April 11 and 12 at the UCM, are a meeting point for prestigious national and international experts in the field of food, health and nutrition. Organized by SPRIM, the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA) and the Healthy Food Foundation, are consolidated as the most outstanding events in this field, gathering in its last edition 49 speakers and 800 professionals of 14 countries.

frying 4.0

QualityFry Frying 4.0: innovation, technology and automation for health and sustainability

In the various round tables that will take place during the Conference, will be discussed current topics such as the relationship between nutrition and genomics, the impact of ultra-processed foods on the development of diseases, sensitivity to non-celiac gluten, risk prevention cardiovascular or the evidence of the Mediterranean Diet in the prevention of cancer, all from the point of view of food and healthy lifestyles.

The importance of a healthy diet in the hospitality and catering sector will have its place in this scientific meeting. At the conference Frying 4.0: innovation, technology and automation for health and sustainability, Rocío Teruel -R & D Food Product Manager of QualityFry- will focus its presentation on the technical innovations that make the Fast Chef Elite automatic fryer improves the quality of frying in the foodservice sector, without the emission of fumes or odors, reducing the ecological footprint in the cooking processes and also avoiding risks for the work team.

Ecofry technology

From the scientific point of view, it will be explained how this fryer with ecofry technology achieves effective management of resources, both in terms of the product, as the consumption of oil decreases by 37% as it is a closed and compact machine that does not leave pass light or barely oxygen; as well as in electricity: the electrical cost is reduced by more than 24% compared to a traditional fryer.

The ecofry technology focused on obtaining a healthy, safe and sustainable frying has been recognized by the European Commission with the Seal of Excellence and is a beneficiary of the SME Instrument Phase 2 funds within the Horizon Research and Innovation Framework Program 2020.

 HORECA: energy efficient hotel equipment

Doctors, nurses, dietitians, dieticians, researchers and other health professionals will be able to see by the first hand the changes that the HORECA channel is experiencing in terms of healthy consumption, and the sensitivity of the different actors of the catering, including the creators of equipment, aligned more and more with healthy gastronomic proposals and solutions for allergies and food intolerances.

How to participate in the Conference

XXII Days of Practical Nutrition
XII International Congress of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics
Days: April 11 and 12, 2018
Hours: 9.30am – 7pm
Place: Ramón y Cajal Great Amphitheater
Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid
Central pavilion Low level. Plaza de Ramón y Cajal, s / n. 28040 – MADRID

You can consult more information as well as the registration form on their website