QUALITYFRY has been awarded with the SMART LABEL as part of Host in Milan 2019.


The FC-Unlimited equipment designed by QUALITYFRY has been awarded with the SMART LABEL! This initiative, promoted by Host – Fiera Milano and POLI.design Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic, lead to QUALITYFRY being awarded with a special mention for the ecofry system designed and developed for our ventless deep fryers range.

The ecofry technology developed in our new equipment FC-Unlimited by QUALITYFRY, facilitates a sustainable kitchen, healthy, without emissions of smoke or odors and more efficient at the energy level. These characteristics suppose a competitive advantage for the businesses of restoration and hospitality and has been recognized by the European Commission as beneficiary of the funds of the SME Instrument (SME Instrument) Phase 2, within the Framework Program for Research and Horizon 2020 innovation,

Its frying technology developed for FC-Unlimited allows food to be cooked quickly with an efficient use of resources, in terms of both products (oil consumption is reduced because the machine is closed and compact and does not allow light or oxygen to enter) and electricity (electricity costs are reduced compared to a traditional fryer). These characteristics suppose a competitive advantage for the businesses of restoration and hospitality that has been endorsed by several technical-scientific studies.

Also, all the range of QualityFry fryers offer traditional frying in record time, as thanks to its special design it minimises losses of heat, keeps the oil at the optimal temperature, speeds up frying time. And for its size, style and design are ideals to support restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, convenience stores, kiosks, train stations, airports, shopping centers, among many other types of businesses where a fast, high quality service is needed and without environmental emissions.

In our stand Pavilion 18 Booth G90 – H89 at Host, Milano, visitors discovered that with our fryers it is possible to fry both fresh and frozen products, either sweet or savoury and all of this without mixed flavours.

No smoke, no odours.