The hospitality equipment created by QualityFry for an eco-friendly kitchen works in two ways: the non-emission of smoke or odours (which reduces the ecological footprint during the processing of food), and the improvement of fried dishes, which through this technology maintain their nutritional value.

The automatic fryers created by our company operate through frying by immersion. Without alterations to the temperature of the oil and with relatively short frying times, frying by immersion allows food to absorb less fat, which results in healthy frying with appreciated gastronomic values.

Frying by immersion The product comes into contact with the hot oil, which transfers heat to it, thereby raising its temperature. As the oil is at a temperature of 180-190ºC, by the laws of physics, the water contained in the product that has come into contact with it reaches 100ºC (boiling temperature) and rises when it becomes steam.

In our machines, this natural process is based on the air extraction force, from a mechanism located in its upper section. In this way, the water is output before the solid product, and its “pores” are closed in a shorter time, achieving a crispy coating more quickly, and with a minimal amount of oil penetrating into its interior.