QUALITYFRY, innovación destacada en TVE

The automated frying technology developed by
QualityFry is generating increasing interest. On this occasion, Spanish television channel Televisión Española (TVE) has reported on the FAST CHEF ELITE fryer, patented and manufactured in Spain. The programme “Emprende, hosted by Juanma Romero, has interviewed Juan de Sala, Executive and Financial Manager of QualityFry, to learn more details about this technology which has revolutionised the world of hospitality.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and “made in Spain” technology are generating increasing interest. On this occasion, the programme “Emprende” on TVE and Canal 24 Horas has highlighted the automated frying technology developed by Spanish company QualityFry. In the interview, carried out on the set of the programme, the presenter was able to verify that the hospitality device created by QUALITYFRY for an eco-friendly kitchen works in two ways:

No smoke emission (and prevention of 94% of odours) reduces the ecological footprint during processing of foods, and allows establishments that do not have a smoke exhaust or extraction hood to be able to fry and increase their profits, as has been the case for La Sureña, MásQMenos, Taberna Volapié and El Papelón, etc. 

– Furthermore, fried dishes are obtained which retain the nutritional value of their ingredients. The automated fryers created by our company operate through frying by immersion. Frying by immersion, without alterations to the temperature of the oil, and in relatively short cooking times, allows the food to absorb less fat, which results in healthy fried foods, with important gastronomic values.


Juanma Romero, presenter of “Emprende”, also highlighted that this innovation has earned QUALITYFRY the Seal of Excellence within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programmefor Research and Innovation, granted by the European Commission, promoting industrial leadership in Europe and strengthening the scientific basis of business projects.

The programme, shown on Canal 24 Horas on the 17th of November, may be viewed both on our YouTube channel (click here) and on the RTVE website (here). Additionally, the programme can also be seen on Saturday the 19th of November, both on Televisión Española (TVE) and RTVE Canal 24 Horas.

If you want to know more about FAST CHEF ELITE and how to fry without smoke and without odours, you can contact us at info@qualityfry.com or by phoning 913 759 567.