We can talk about quality, achievements or figures, but the most important thing for QUALITYFRY is our clients: from bars or restaurants with a single establishment to leading restaurant chains in the sector which operate with large commercial spaces, studying, analysing and comparing all options in detail before making a decision. Fast Chef Elite clients such as La Sureña, MasQMenos, Taberna Volapié, El Papelón, The original globet croquettes and La Taberna de Cea speak for us.




What does the most advanced fryer on the market offer? Its innovation has allowed many restaurant chains to launch products at a good price, maintaining quality and profit margins. Our clients tell us how they have managed to diversify their menus, improve frying quality thanks to ecofry technology, and the importance of the standardisation and automation of processes in their premises. Furthermore, they tell us about the ease of installation, cleaning the fryer and its use by non-specialised personnel. It has also been important to discover the profitability brought by the introduction of Fast Chef Elite in their kitchens, the amortisation period of the equipment, and the savings in oil and electricity that they have been able to achieve.


In this video, 5 business models linked with informal restaurants have participated, among them, emblematic companies within new Spanish restaurant franchises. The high level of competition in the sector makes innovation and technology key elements for guaranteeing the profitability and success of this type of business. The most current restaurant concepts that have been created under the franchise system are based on optimised processes in the development of comprehensive, standardised and effective know-how, guaranteeing good results in all company establishments.


MasQMenos: A new restaurant concept that offers a good product, unbeatable quality-price relationship and speed in service, in a well maintained environment. Furthermore, they have a shop space where all products can be acquired and taken home. Our Fast Chef Elite provides support to this business, with over 40 franchised establishments.

CREATIVIDAD_CLIENTES_INGLES.006Cervecería La Sureña: The concept of Cervecería La Sureña and the key to its success are based on the best gastronomy of the south being offered in its dishes, accompanied by buckets of bottles of beer, a totally innovative form of consumption which revolutionised the sector in 2010. Currently, La Sureña has over 100 establishments operating at a national level. Our Fast Chef takes care of the fried dishes that identify the brand, accompanying the drinks.


El Papelón: This is a restaurant franchise with the theme of old grocery shops and corner shops of the last century. The Andalusian franchise has chosen our smoke and odour free fryer to develop its business model: simple, quick operation, in which table service is combined with self-service and the preparation of the product for the public, allowing clients to participate in the cooking experience.


The Original Globet Croquettes: Establishment in the Mercado de Antón Martín market in Madrid which has become a place of reference for enjoying croquettes with a unique, unmistakeable flavour. They are prepared with our fryer without emitting smoke or odours and without mixing flavours. The business is growing successfully and we form a central part of it.


La taberna de Cea: At the heart of the Chamberí quarter, there is a traditional Madrid tavern which works based on good products and friendly, fast service. This is Taberna de Cea, 62 where our Fast Chef creates all the fried dishes that clients enjoy.