Forget about extractor fans and odours. Designed for the FOODSERVICE sector (hotels, restaurants and cafés), Fast Chef Elite is the only automatic fryer that does not produce smoke or odours and which also does not mix flavours.

QualityFry is the Spanish benchmark in the design, manufacture and distribution of automatic frying technology without smoke, without odours and without mixing flavours for the Hospitality sector.

Working towards efficient cooking, and the incorporation of new technologies is increasingly important in the restaurant sector, and QualityFry is a pioneer in the sector with projects for energy saving and operator safety through the built-in smoke extraction system.
Fast Chef Elite is an extraordinary machine which does not require the emission of smoke and which does not emit odours, designed to combine reliability, safety and productivity in equal measure. Able to fry automatically and autonomously, it achieves optimal levels of profitability as it offers a high quality product in record time. 
Fast Chef Elite does not require specialised operators. A single operator controls the process. Just press a button and collect the product, ready to serve.Due to its autonomy and small dimensions, it can be installed in different locations within FOODSERVICE establishments, such as a bar or cafeteria, the office of a hotel, inside or outside of a kitchen, or even mobile businesses or any point of sale. It only requires an electrical outlet.Fast Chef Elite … No Smoke. No odours. No mixing of flavours. No complications.