Without carrying out renovations on your premises. Without the need for a smoke vent. Without a cooker hood. Just plug in Fast Chef Elite and you will be able to create a menu and increase your average sales.


You will be able to create a different menu for each time of day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. Without off-peak hours. Using both frozen and fresh products, both sweet and savoury.


Simultaneous frying:  two products and the same time, with a third on standby.
In any establishment, including those without a smoke vent. Without carrying out renovations on your premises and without a cooker hood.

Standardised processes and frying times, and low demand work.
Easy to install and use. One of the characteristics that make this machine so valuable is its ease of both installation and use. Straight after installing it and adding the oil you can start to use it. Any member of the team can use it. A single operator controls the process. Just press a button and collect the product ready to serve.