After several years of experience and consolidation in the Spanish market, foodservice franchises are expanding into innovative and profitable territories which are highly attractive to gastro-entrepreneurs and investors. This model includes establishments ranging from baguette shops right through to new-fledged bakery caféand has differentiated itself by providing quality for money at a time when the economic situation means that a healthy and natural product can be served for as little as 3 euros.

Two factors have revolutionised the old fast foodservice franchise model: the use of top quality ingredients in a very competitively-priced service and on-the-spot preparation, right in front of the customer. Additionally, a technologically advanced foodservice machine, designed to allow smoke and odour-free cooking, has been essential in extending this business opportunity.The Fast Chef Elite fryer, installed in many franchise establishments, has demonstrated that an appropriate investment can lower the risks involved when starting up a business of this kind.

With very high profitability ratios and an estimated payback period of between 5 and 7 months (selling only 15 portions each day), the Fast Chef Elite has shown itself to be an essential tool for foodservice franchises. This automatic machine allows fried products to be added to the menu, thereby increasing turnover and profit margins.

Fast Chef is also involved in the creation of new business lines. The successful Más Q Menos franchise, which was recently included on the Just Eat online platform for takeaway ordering, has used this fryer to extend its specialties menu to include Mediterranean fried dishes and hot snacks.

Advantages of a cost-effective fryer in franchises

The Fast Chef Elite automatic fryer provides support to business models based on fast service, good value for money and a menu that appeals to a wide range of clients. Last year, the establishments that used Fast Chef, most of them franchises, increased their turnover by between 30% and 40%.

With this machine it is possible to extend menus to include more than the usual traditional fried foods. Establishments can offer both savoury and sweet foods, depending on what is required (breakfasts, aperitifs, sweet snacks, savoury dishes, lunches or informal suppers), and thereby encourages the consumption of drinks and meets the needs of different types of clients.


Más Q Menos has used the FAST CHEF ELITE fryer to extend its specialties menu to include Mediterranean fried dishes and hot snacks.


Cost savings represent another key factor. Electricity costs are reduced to half those of a traditional fryer. The machine is compact and closed to ensure that no light and very little oxygen may enter, which means that the oil lasts for much longer.

What is more, services can be diversified without any increase in staff costs. No extra employees are needed to operate this automatic fryer, which has 8 frying programmes and 3 different settings (individual portions, continuous production and slow-fry), all at the click of a button. This system ensures that the same quality fried food is offered in all of the company’s establishments.

Foodservice franchises are doing well at the moment. Together with fashion and specialist services, they represent 34% of all franchise brands in Spain. The catering/fast food sector alone achieved a turnover of more than 2.6 billion in 2014 (8.4 million more than in 2013)*.

However, it is not only large investment companies that benefit from this business model. Within the context of the economic crisis, franchises have provided an opportunity to entrepreneurs who are looking for self-employmentand are interested in managingan easy-to-run foodservice business with permanent assistance from the franchise head office.

Appropriate resource management and the support of cost- effective foodservice machinery, such as the Fast Chef fryer, are key factors when entering this sector, which has good prospects and a lot of potential in Spanish culture. Entrepreneurs know that they are investing in a business model with a good chance of success.


* ‘Informe La Franquicia en España 2015’. Asociación Española de Franquiciadores (AEF) 



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