Speaking on “ Intelligent frying applied to haute cuisine” QualityFry brings the concepts of healthy and sustainable automatic cooking to the debate on Health and Gastronomy.

QualityFry, at Gastronomy and Health Congress

The QualityFry equipment presents technology which permits the healthy consumption of fried food in the fourth Gastronomy and Health Congress, held on the 21st and 22nd November in the Convention Centre of Zaragoza. Rocío Teruel, Doctor in food science and technology and R&D Food Product Manager at QualityFry, and renowned chef Jesús Almagro, took a theoretical-practical demonstration to the Aragonese capital on the scientific and culinary processes through which intelligent frying is achieved.

Intelligent frying applied to haute cuisine

Together, both professionals presented the speech “Intelligent frying applied to haute cuisine” about how the automatic frying technology (ecofry) works, and how to use it correctly to obtain a product with excellent taste and texture. Rocío Teruel spoke about the different aspects of this culinary process and the advantages of transferring innovative technologies to cooking processes in the hotel and restaurant trade.

The speech, which was accompanied by show cooking at the hands of chef Jesús Almagro, demonstrated in a practical way the viability of introducing intelligent frying to the professional kitchen by employing the suitable technology and equipment.

Gastronomía y salud Zaragoza Intelligent frying

The audience also had the chance to savour original fried recipes in line with the concept of healthy cuisine and with a low environmental impact.

What is Intelligent frying?

 The technology applied by QualityFry in its frying equipment automatically controls the variables of time, temperature and transit to achieve a high-quality end product. Their devices are characterised by the virtue of emitting no smoke or odours, as well as preventing the mixture of tastes in the products being fried. The cooking process with this technology reduces electricity consumption, frying time and oil consumption.

This technology which introduces intelligent frying has been recognised by the European Commission and has received funding from the SME Instrument project Phase 2 within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme. The objective of SME Instrument is to promote, advise and fund enterprises which develop technologies and products aimed at improving productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability.

The International Gastronomy and Health Congress, promoted by the Heraldo de Aragón newspaper, has become an excellent platform to present innovations which contribute to healthy cooking in professional restaurants. After its year-on-year success and record attendance in 2018, this Congress is already calling for exhibitors for next year’s speeches, demonstration and workshops on the latest novelties and trends related to this essential combination of health and gastronomy.

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