The filter system developed in the Fast Chef Elite + Carrousel fryer eliminates fumes, odors and does not mix the flavours.

no smoke no odours no mix flavours fast chef elite carrousel-Qualityfry

The system of filters incorporated by Fast Chef Elite + Carrousel achieves amazing results, as it totally eliminates smoke, greatly reduces odours from frying and allows different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavours.

Able to fry automatically and autonomously, it achieves optimal levels of profitability as it offers a high quality product in record time.

Fast Chef Elite + Carrousel does not require specialised operators. A single operator controls the process. Just press a button and collect the product ready to serve.

Due to its autonomy and small size, it can be installed in different locations within FOODSERVICE establishments, such as a bar or cafeteria, the office of a hotel, the interior or exterior of a kitchen, mobile businesses, and any point of sale. It only requires a power outlet.