Fast Chef Elite offers traditional frying in record time, as thanks to its special design it minimises losses of heat, keeps the oil at the optimal temperature, and speeds up frying time.

Thanks to the advanced technology of Fast Chef Elite, you have the possibility of frying two products at the same time while a third is on standby.

A single operator can serve the client while the machine fries.

This way, you will be able to fry a large variety of products in record time:

Chips: 2:00 min.
Croquettes: 3:00 min.
Vegetable tempura: 1:45 min.
Mushrooms: 1:15 min.
Green asparagus: 1:40 min.
Churros: 2:30 min.

Fresh, frozen, sweet, and savoury products, sushi, etc.

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