With Fast Chef Elite you will be able to establish or boost your business, including in premises that do not have a smoke vent or extractor hood.

The strong competition in this sector makes innovation and technology key elements for guaranteeing the profitability and success of this type of business. The most modern restaurant concepts, created under the franchise system, are based on highly optimised processes underpinned by developing a comprehensive, standardised and effective know-how, guaranteeing good results in all premises of the brand.

Return on investment for this fryer is achieved after barely two and a half months, after which its purchase is amortised. The fryer reduces cooking times and fries several types of foods at the same time or consecutively, without mixing flavours. This characteristic is especially appreciated in establishments with large menus or in business models in which rotation and fast service is an essential element. The result of frying is always crispy, with the product perfectly drained, without grease, without alterations to the flavour, ready to serve to the client.

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