The process of deep-frying has its origin in Asia and Europe, and it is considered one of the oldest and most culinary techniques in the Mediterranean countries and key of a healthy diet. Frying and Mediterranean Diet make a happy combination of products as vegetables, fish, legumes…with culinary technologies that are part of an ancestral art transmitted from generation to generation.

What is deep-frying? It involves cooking food by immersing it in a hot grease, usually oil. Frying mechanism is quite simple: the oil works as heat exchange medium that is transferred to the food. The heat melts the grease and turns the food water in vapour. This vapour is moved from the inside to the outside of the food and finally to the oil.

As the experts and creators of Fast Chef Elite, themost technologically advanced automatic frying of the hotel sector, we have verified that deep-frying is less aggressive than other culinary techniques, since it manages to keep all nutritional value of food. Thus, for example, boiling food lost twice more vitamin C that during frying.

In deep-frying the times of cooking should be relatively short and the contact with oil should tend to be superficial so that there is minimal absorption of grease. The possible formation of acrylamida* is low when frying is made at suitabletemperatures and for a short time.

Each food, in function of its characteristics, size and covering, requires a time and a temperature of suitable frying. It is important to get a balance between them to avoid the excessive heating of the oil, reducing its degradation.

It is advisable the use of fryers thermally insulated that minimize the loss of temperature and that they include an effective system of drained, which you can minimize the amount of oil absorbed by food.

Hydrolysis and Oxidation, magic words

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Oil hydrolysis is the most important process in frying process; it is caused by food water from frying process. Hydrolysis causes oil darkening, the appearance of smoke and an increase in acidity of the oil.

Therefore, it is ideal frying equipments that eliminate “in situ”, efficiently and continuously, all water vapour generated during frying, thus keeping the oil free of water and reducing hydrolysis.

Oil oxidation process is produced by the presence of atmospheric oxygen and it is accelerated by light. Oxidation is responsible for an increase in viscosity and the darkening of the oil, as well as the foam formation and the development of abnormal taste and odour.

It is ideal frying equipments or fryers, that keep the oil in a closed fryer chamber blocking the air intake and the influence of light.

A healthy frying mainly depends on the practical form of frying–which include deep frying-,on frying oilsand finally and crucially on the selection of appropriate equipment for frying.

*Compound that is formed during the heating to temperatures over 100 ºC.Its formation depends on four factors: the type of oil used, the own characteristics of the food, the temperature of baking or frying and also the time that the heating occurs.

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