How to carry out the maintenance of your Qualityfry equipment

It is important to start the year by carrying out a complete and correct maintenance of your QualityFry equipment to guarantee the best service to your customers, so we recommend that you carry out the following steps.


The hotel industry is increasingly aware of the opportunities that a Food & Beverage service represents in its establishment to increase profitability, create a brand and  attract clients and build loyalty . Therefore, we share the guidelines to promote this restaurant service in your hotel and add value to your offer.


Grocerants have become a retail business model that is here to stay. In this way, they are part of the consumer trends – we don´t have much time to cook and we cook as a hobby – and they have begun to offer ready-to-eat products in their business and also to take away. Next, we explain the main guidelines, tips and the importance of equipment.

QUALITYFRY, awarded with the Innovative SME seal of the Ministry of Science and Innovation

The Ministry of Science and Innovation has recognized the innovative nature of QualityFry, a leading company in the design and manufacture of automatic frying technology without smoke and without odors. This governmental recognition comes from the hand of the Innovative SME seal, which rewards the work carried out by the company’s team, especially in the R + D + i area, through the development of numerous patents.

Dark kitchen: a growing business concept

The business model that develops around a dark kitchen is one of the most important trends today, whose most significant factor is the management of the kitchen and the equipment used. Next, we explain what you need to assemble a dark kitchen and why the equipment is important.