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COVID 19: Increase your business sales: 4 ideas that work

Increasing sales in the hospitality business has always been one of the great challenges for the managers in the sector and now more than ever. How to get it without big investments and more ideas?

At QUALITYFRY we help hoteliers overcome operational difficulties, improve their menu offer and achieve excellence in their service through innovation. As successful business partners with large turnover, we offer four ideas that will help you increase sales without increasing staff or making major kitchen changes.

Four ideas that work

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1. Serve fried food with the drinks service

It seems obvious but this rule is not always followed. The most recent surveys tell us that 64% of beer is consumed in bars and its sale represents up to 40% of billing in premises with less than 10 employees. Serving beers, wines or any other drink with frying food could increase sales by 25%.

Bars and taverns often have infrastructure and staff problems to offer a large and attractive menu, however, technological advances such as QualityFry equipment allow them to fry in record time, automatically, without odors and without the need for smoke vent.

2- Add healthy frying in your menu

Healthy frying can be an important key to revenue and profit growth. Fried products are among the most profitable for catering businesses since the margin between the cost of raw materials and the selling price of the portions is very high. It is not necessary to offer fast food to increase sales. We have a large traditional Mediterranean frying recipe that always works among local consumers and tourists, just introduce good practices and a frying machine with ecofry technology.

The ecofry technology developed in QUALITYFRY products ensures that food is fried very quickly, at a stable temperature and has very little contact with the oil. In this way, a crispy and less fat frying is achieved in which the nutritional values ​​of the food are maintained.

Communicating information to the customer about the food they eat is very important. Its traceability, the prevention of allergies, the footprint that we leave in our environment to process them, is becoming a differential element in the hospitality business.

3- Expand your catering offer and communicate it

More and more hoteliers seek to offer a good argument for feeding. And they do it because it works. When you start a business, even a small bar, it is important to define what you are going to offer different from the competition and communicate it to your customers. The locals’ letters tell little stories about their recipes and products, their suppliers and what they want to convey with their cuisine.

The customers demands new marketing where it is no longer just worth doing it in an excellent way in the kitchen, but also requires communicating everything that happens in your establishment to make the client feel like part of the project.

4- The value of experience to increase sales

Customers not only seek to eat well, they also expect to share, celebrate, experiment, spend good moments with family, friends, colleagues, etc. In this sense, living room and kitchen services are becoming increasingly important.

With little investment it is possible to transmit the image of a modern, comfortable and therefore different restaurant space. Through the interior design, a global image of quality can be expressed, which extends to the gastronomic proposal and customer service.

Customers will share their experience on social networks and of course, they will rate the visit on digital platforms whether they liked it or not. Working to ensure that the customer experience is satisfactory becomes a key element that will undoubtedly give your sales a boost.

5- Adapt to the situation by COVID 19

The current situation has forced the hospitality sector to apply protective measures to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Therefore, it is important that you communicate both to your team and to your clients the importance of apply preventive measures to face the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Put signage or indicative of the measures you are carrying out so that your customers can see it continuously and assess the efforts you are making to ensure security.

Remember that the capacity allowed for bars and restaurants inside is 75% and terraces 100%, as long as the meter and a half distance between the tables is kept.

Furthermore, it is important to carry out the cleaning and disinfection procedures of all the equipment that is in contact with customers and repeatedly several times a day. Prioritize the use of single-use tablecloths, use digital cards and the use of disposable single-dose products.

The personnel who perform the service at the table and at the bar must seek the safety distance from the client and apply the hygiene and prevention procedures necessary to avoid the risk of infection.

Check our Hospitality Guide with recommendations and protocols that must be carried out in the restaurant so that the risk of community transmission of the SARSCov-2 virus does not increase.