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For optimal performance of your QualityFry fryer, we recommend the use of High Oleic sunflower oil with defoamer.
NOTE: Seed oils are not indicated for use.

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QualityFry ventless deep fryers parts are dishwasher safe, except for the heater group (resistance) and the carousel tray, which must be washed by hand.

You can find the serial number of your machine on the nameplate at the bottom of the left side of the machine.

Most QualityFry fryers work with single phase outlets except the iQ 1000 (high capacity) model which requires a three phase connection.

From QualityFry we recommend changing the oil at least once a week. However, this will depend on the number of rations, the type of product used and the amount of waste generated.

QualityFry’s unique and exclusive EcoFry technology based on an innovative filter system completely eliminates fumes, radically minimizes frying odors and allows different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavors.

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At QualityFry we believe in an efficient professional kitchen through innovation. For this reason, our designs have made us pioneers with projects for energy saving and operator safety through the Built In smoke extraction system.

The frying machines designed by QualityFry have EcoFry technology: they have a closed case that fries vertically. The product enters from the top and leaves from the bottom, without having to open the fryer to remove the product. For this reason, our machines – which are characterized by not emitting smoke or odors – also manage to carry out the frying process, reducing electricity consumption by 24%, frying time by 27% and oil consumption by 37%.

QualityFry designed machines can fry practically any food that can be put into the input hopper of the QualityFry fryer. However, given the wide variety of products on the market, it is recommended to always test it in the fryer before adding it to the menu as it may be necessary to adjust times, quantity per serving, etc. Discover everything that can be cooked with QualityFry technology by clicking here. Also, if you are a QualityFry customer, find inspiration and exclusive recipes in the Customer Area.

Both fresh and frozen, sweet and savory products can be cooked in the QualityFry catering equipment. However, given that the fresh product generates a significantly higher amount of moisture during the frying process, it is advisable to introduce less amount of product per serving. In addition, the condensation can must be emptied more frequently. Discover everything that can be cooked with QualityFry technology by clicking here. Also, if you are a QualityFry customer, find inspiration and exclusive recipes in the Customer Area.

Yes, the QualityFry ventless deep fryer is protected enough to be able to touch its exterior without any risk.

Thanks to constant innovation and research, at QualityFry we have developed the unique and exclusive EcoFry System, which minimizes the ecological footprint and improves energy efficiency. With QualityFry you will save 24% in electricity consumption, you will shorten frying times by 27% and reduce oil consumption by 37%. Healthier and higher quality frying guaranteed. Find out more about EcoFy technology by clicking here.

All materials used by QualityFry comply with COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 10/2011 of January 14, 2011 on plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with food. We work with approved suppliers subject to strict controls by our Quality Department.

Any new design developed at QualityFry has been subjected to exhaustive tests in international reference laboratories that prove that our machines significantly reduce odors, smoke emission, and oil consumption.

QualityFry’s commitment to quality has led us to obtain numerous certifications and awards that recognize us as an innovation, research and development company. In addition, we annually submit to the strict audits of internationally recognized entities such as SGS or NSF that certify the robustness of our implemented quality management system, and whose result allows us to standardize all our processes and the maximum rigor in controls of quality made to our products. All of our products comply with the CE marking.

The ventless deep fryers designed by QualityFry are closed and cook with a very low concentration of oxygen, guaranteeing safety. In addition, they have a double safety control: a probe that controls the oil temperature and an automatic disconnection mechanism for the electrical resistance.

The catering equipment designed by QualityFry is Plug & Play because they are prepared to be installed in different locations thanks to the fact that they only need a power outlet, their autonomy and their reduced dimensions.