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  • I would recommend Fast Chef Elite for premises with and without smoke vents.   
    Rafael Carromero, Franchisee of Mas Q Menos
  • Fast Chef Elite is basically the heart of my business. If we did not have it, we would not be able to work in the way we like.  
    Ricardo Fernández, Owner of The Original Globet Croquette
  • FCE has really changed the pace of my business significantly. I have been able to almost double my business’ profits.     
    David Rey, La Taberna de Cea Kitchen Manager
  • Since we have had the Fast Chef Elite fryer, sales volumes have increased considerably.   
    Raúl García, El Papelón Manager
  • Since we have had FCE, our business has improved, our sales have greatly increased and clients compliment us on the change. We are very happy.   
    Inés Jiménez, Franchisee of La Sureña

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