QUALITYFRY: Professional smoke-free and odor-free fryers for Horeca
QUALITYFRY Our Blog QUALITYFRY: Professional smoke-free and odor-free fryers for Horeca

QUALITYFRY: Professional smoke-free and odor-free fryers for Horeca

Let´s know the professional kitchen revolution from QualityFry. We show you the only professional fryers that do not need a smoke vent or an extractor hood.

QualityFry equipment is a machine that adapts to all types of business, strategy and, most importantly, increases your profitability with a single equipment. We will show you how our equipments can help to your business.

How QualityFry fryers work

10 reasons to choose the QualityFry fryers

01 QualityFry, it is not only a deep fryer, it is a cooking machine. Fry, regenerate and seal all types of food, both frozen and fresh, whether sweet or salty. Its possibilities are almost endless.

02 Our machine offers a quality kitchen. The flavors of the food are not mixed, the end result of the product is always the same and the crunchiness lasts much longer than with a conventional system.

03 QualityFry offers you a healthy kitchen with less fats and oils.

04 Thanks to its exclusive Built in (vertical cooking), QualityFry does not expel fumes or odors and as it is watertight, guarantees 100% safety.

05 It is simple and easy to operate, you do not need a cook or additional staff. The operator who is operating the machine can be attending the bar at the same time, which also translates into savings in personnel and money.

06 Our system introduces significant time savings 27% less time compared to other machines. Less frying time translates into more services and more billing. You can cook 2 products at the same time and put 4 products on hold.

07 QualityFry has an intelligent display, which allows you to customize the programs and make an exhaustive monitoring of the portion control.

08 Our machine also incorporates the EcoFry system, providing significant energy savings (24% less).

09 QualityFry is a reliable machine, and if you need it, our technical services offer you fast, close assistance and immediate replacement parts service.

10 We are constantly innovating, improving and reinventing ourselves every day to offer the best product and always adapting to multiple professional sectors. Whatever your needs, Qualityfry responds to them.