Is it possible to set up a restaurant business without a kitchen or smoke vent? It is if you choose Fast Chef Elite, which eliminates smoke and odours and allows a versatile menu to be created with a high profit margin and lower costs.

Technological innovation in equipment for the hospitality and tourism sector is revolutionising the way in which we have understood catering until now. Businesses such as tapas bars, taverns, convenience stores, beach kiosks, food trucks and bakery cafés, among many other types of gastronomic spaces, operate with complete success without kitchen installations and without a smoke vent, offering a large menu of products, reducing all the administrative inconveniences when setting up a business.

What solutions does the Fast Chef Elite ventless deep fryer bring to premises without a smoke vent?
1- It reduces risk in initial investment

Forgoing an extractor hood when starting a new restaurant business is a great advantage when making decisions on the initial investment in the project. Without major renovations to the kitchen and without problems with the operating licencenot emitting smoke or odours – the most important steps have been taken so that the business can progress without difficulties.

2- Creating a versatile, quality menu

Fast Chef Elite allows a very versatile menu to be created, with sweet and savoury dishes which can be prepared in under 3 minutes. With a special frying method (ecofry), a minimal amount of oil penetrates the interior of the product, preventing one food from transferring its flavour to another, even when fried at the same time and in the same oil.

The crispy texture of the breading, the gastronomically attractive nuances in the browning of the fried foods and the draining system of this machine are qualities which are difficult to imitate with a conventional fryer.

3- It supports different business models

With this innovative frying machine it is possible to set up a business whose format is linked to a single product (for example, a croquette restaurant, like one of our clients The Original Globet Croquettes) or conversely, to develop a concept with a full menu with starters, first and second courses and desserts.

Business models range from tapas bars such as la Sureña and Mas Q Menos, to traditional taverns such as Taberna Volapié, to the bakery café format, whose business revolves around pastries and snacks, all viable just by plugging in the Fast Chef Elite.

 4- It facilitates the control of operating costs

With this fryer, processes can be standardised and automated, which facilitates a better control of the kitchen and dining room service. The frying times of this machine are optimised for each product and the operating costs that this generates are fully controlled in terms of electrical energy, oil consumption, and dish preparation time, etc.

5- Reduction of overall expenses

Being a closed, compact frying machine, without losses of heat, the electrical operating cost is reduced by 50% compared with a traditional fryer. Furthermore, through the proper elimination of the steam produced during the frying process and the reduced contact between the oil and light and air, the lifespan of the oil is prolonged, and its quality is ensured.

If you think that having problems with a smoke vent or not having the installations required by current legislation is an insurmountable difficulty, at QUALITYFRY we can help you to make the problem into a competitive advantage. Phone us on 913 759 567 or write to us at info@qualityfry.com and book a place for the free demonstrations that we organise. We’re waiting to hear from you.