We are moving more and more towards a sustainable and efficient industry, which means into the implementation of the Ecofry technology developed in our Fast Chef Elite fryers, that is why Qualityfry has submitted its fryers, Fast Chef Elite, to a test oh energy efficiency.

FRYER FAST CHEF ELITE CERTIFICATE ENERGY EFFICIENCYAccording to the results, we can conclude that, with respect to the regarding energy efficiency, Fast Chef Elite consumes 4.96 kWh when frying 12.5 kg (27.5 lb) of product, while its traditional counterpart consumes 6.12 kWh and 6.51 kWh if it includes the use of an extractor hood, which represents an electric saving of 24%.

The analysis have been carried out in the laboratories, belonging to the company SGS Tecnos, which have extensive equipment and experience in the analysis of this type of samples, as well as control programs of quality, both internal and external, that guarantee their results.

*The laboratories of SGS are accredited by ENAC as Testing Laboratories according to the norm UNE-EN 45001.  A copy of the report is available on request.