With the aim of demonstrating that the incorporation of innovative technologies in food processing and to guarantee that the ecofry technology incorporated in its fryers optimize the quality of the products, Qualityfry has subjected its fryers to an evaluation of oil consumption.

FRYER FAST CHEF ELITE CERTIFICATE OIL CONSUMPTIONThe reduction in frying oil after cooking a total of 12.5 kg (27.5 lb) of product is 0.66 L (0.17 gal) for the Qualityfry equipment and 1.06 L (0.28 gal) for the traditional equipment. Therefore, it reduces the consumption of oil during the frying process by 37% compared to a traditional fryer, and the fried products contain 37% less fat.

The analysis have been carried out in the laboratories belonging to the company SGS Tecnos, which have extensive equipment and experience in the analysis of this type of samples, as well as control programs of quality, both internal and external, that guarantee their results.

*The laboratories of SGS are accredited by ENAC as Testing Laboratories according to the norm UNE-EN 45001.  A copy of the report is available on request.