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Commercial deep fryers make up part of the equipment that can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to setting up a bar. Know the key points to choose the most profitable machine.

Why do we claim that catering fryers are a fundamental element for the long-term sustainability of a restaurant business?

It is a well-known fact that fried foods are the most profitable for catering establishments. The current margin between the cost of raw material and sale price per serving is very high, furthermore, it is a product with quick preparation in the kitchen and the result, with the right fryer, is always a dish with great flavour that can be served to the client immediately.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the various types of restaurant where the fryer is at the heart of the business. Bars, pubs, take-aways and restaurants whose specialities are croquettes, calamari or fried Andalusian cuisine, confirm that a fryer can turn a type of business right around.

What type of commercial deep fryers should we choose?
1- A closed, compact and automatic fryer.

In order to get a high quality fried product, it is fundamental to maintain the oil at a stable temperature during the frying process. The ideal range for frying any food is between 150ºC and 190ºC, always according to the type of oil being used and the features, dimensions and the coating that each product requires. Furthermore, it is essential to take the product out of the oil just at the right moment and you can only achieve this best by using an automatic fryer which controls the times and the temperature of the oil, an advantage that is difficult to achieve with a traditional open fryer.

2- One that performs healthy frying and Deep-frying

Deep frying is less aggressive than other culinary techniques, since it maintains all of the nutritional value of the foods. As, for example, when a food is baked it loses twice as much Vitamin C than during this type of frying. The cooking times of a machine that operates through deep frying are relatively short so the contact between the food and the oil is shallow and there is a minimum absorption of fat. A healthy and greaseless frying is achieved which is appreciated by the customers. Catering trends indicate a growing interest in healthier forms of consumption.

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3- One that is fast and that allows for various different products to be fried, without mixing of flavours

This feature brings an added value to those businesses with a large number of diners or establishments with broad menus. The equipment that we develop in QUALITYFRY such as Fast Chef Elite prepare croquettes in 50 seconds and a serving of potatoes in just 2 minutes. It fries fresh and frozen foods, sweet as well as savoury, at the same time, in the same oil and without mixing the flavours.

Successful businesses such as La Sureña, MasQMenos, Taberna Volapié, El Papelón, The Original Globet Croquette and La Taberna de Cea already work with this type of catering fryer.

4- One that is efficient and has a low ecological footprint

Wasting energy poses as one of the most significant costs for catering establishments and the catering fryers have an important role in it. The greatest consumption rate is found, in this order, in the energy required by the kitchen equipment, air conditioning and the lighting of the premises. Improving the energy efficiency of kitchen equipment has become a necessity which is generating great changes in the sector.

According to our experience, with the Fast Chef Elite fryer it is possible to reduce the electricity cost of operation by up to 50%, in comparison to a traditional (open) fryer.

The airtight interior and the filter system of our fryer prevent the emission of fumes during the cooking process, maximising the reduction of heat loss and, thus, obtaining a lower energy consumption. Fast Chef Elite’s low ecological footprint has earned it the European Commission Seal of Excellence under the Horizon 2020 Framework.

5- A safe, easy to install and clean fryer

The frying process does not need to be dangerous. Neither the kitchen staff nor the room should be exposed to the frying oil or to hot surfaces. Another reason to opt for a closed and compact machine, with automatic process control.

Frying foods must be safe, but also comfortable and clean. The correct cleaning of the fryer is a factor which has an impact on safety and on the quality of the result. Non-stick materials allow for faster cleaning, but stainless steel is more suitable for the frying equipment, as it stands the test of time. Additionally, copper and bronze components must be avoided, as they accelerate the deterioration of the oil.