The IV Yearbook of Brand Restoration in Spain, presented by Marcas de Restauración, The NPD Group and KPMG in Spain (where the closing data for 2020, advance analysis for 2021 and expectations for 2022 are analyzed), reveals the reveals the unprecedented drop in hotel turnover in 2020 with 44%estimated by the INE, but it also confirms that the Foodservice with 41.5% (The NPD Group) and that Restaurant chains is the one that has resisted the best, with a drop of 38% (Marcas de restauración).

In this way, restaurant chains reveals its strength mainly in the structure and financial capacity, but also in the “preparation for the unexpected”: the penetration of digitalization and how advanced -or predisposed- it was to serve in off-premises consumption channels, namely: delivery, take away and drive thru.

Carlos Pérez Tenorio, president of Marcas de Restauración, says that the 2022 is one of recovery, development and high growth for the sector, based on recovering lost positions complemented by an outstanding volume of new establishment openings.

Consumption trends for restaurant chains

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This new business concept is characterized both by the quality of its artisan products as well as the decoration and the atmosphere of the venue. The customer of this kind of business is searching for a multifunctional space. It should provide the experience of tasting, buying and consuming a quality artisan product in the venue or take away.

With a wide range of products and a non-stop service, consumers can enjoy and spend time in a Bakery Coffee along the day. Besides, due to the success of this business concept, the expansion of franchises has increased in this market.

The keys are:

  • Search for comfort to spend good time
  • Take a seat to eat at any time
  • Consumption of artisan and handmade products
  • Looking for an unique experience
  • Delivery and/or take away option


In recent years, proximity stores are opting to include a take away corner or to take in the local prepared food in the establishment. Although this technique has been accentuated during the pandemic, its challenge is to maintain part of the quota borrowed from the hospitality industry and adapt to the accelerated transformation of consumer habits, responding to a more economical consumer, who prefers local, healthy products and sustainable, more digital and, in general, not very faithful.

This possession is intended so that the consumer can make the purchase and in turn eat the products made in the same establishment. A different business model that seeks to satisfy the needs of a niche market that wants comfort, a good price and does not have time to cook.

The supermarkets are a good example of this kind of businee model, a large number of stores are committed to this business model, since consuming the products directly on the premises opens up an opportunity for customers to taste meals made with the establishment’s own ingredients and products. In this way, users will opt for more products that were not previously on their shopping list.

To set up a takeaway corner, you have take in mind these:

  • Offer healthy food
  • Have a nice space
  • Take advantage of the frequency of purchasing
  • Affordable prices for all budgets
  • Value-added services
  • Fast service


The food courts of the centers, shopping parks or areas such as airports and train stations have become an essential aspect of the operation of these complexes. Although before they were merely a complement to the commercial activity, the influx of a greater number of public to these venues motivated by the generation of experiences that gastronomy provides has positioned it as a differential part of these spaces.

Varied, quality restaurants with the latest gastronomic concepts of both local cuisine and large catering groups have more and more space in these centers.

To be successful in this business model, the presence of large restaurant groups must be promoted and offer good experiences.

The network of gastronomic establishments in the different transport and passenger venues maintains the trend started before the pandemic by approaching the concepts and signs of the street. Thus, the emergence of new brands stands out, which follow the latest trends in organized catering and which have an increasing presence among the own brands of the specialists in the rest of the traveler venues.

The different specialists in the sector have opted for the renovation of these spaces, to adapt to an increasingly demanding public who, if they consume in these venues, do not want a limited offer in terms of products and services. Thus, in recent years, these spaces have been transforming their catalog, which for some time now includes numerous street signs, which still coexist with the concepts created ad hoc to meet the needs of these venues, characterized by schedules very large and large influx of customers in short periods of time.

In this line, the grab & go format has been extended with the aim of meeting the different needs, at any time of the day, of the millions of travelers who pass through airports around the world each year.

Auto-order kiosks are also being extended to facilitate and expedite the transit of passengers. Undoubtedly, these new formats seek to adapt to the flow of travelers, the main value of the brands created ad hoc by the specialist operators themselves.

All these concepts of organized restoration have a common problem: they do not have a kitchen and they have little space. For this reason, the technology without smoke or odors developed in all QualityFryequipment is established as the best ally of these business models. We advise you with the perfect equipment for your business, know all the models here.

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