Guide to incorporate take away and delivery to your business
QUALITYFRY Our Blog Guide to incorporate take away and delivery to your business

Guide to incorporate take away and delivery to your business

Take away has grown by 68% in the last two years, and represents 10% of total business. This trend has been growing for the last 4 years, specially helped by the pandemic. In fact, 40% of customers consider that not having take away service is old fashioned.

Covid 19 has caused the percentage of people who use home service to increase their consumption on this channel and has accelerated the number of users who have started using it And, the health crisis has driven the growth of this channel, which, however, was already under development before the restrictions on capacity in restaurants, in force until just a few months ago.

The pandemic has also promoted channels such as take away, a service increasingly used by hospitality consumers. And it is that the pandemic has attracted to these service modalities customers who previously did not use to opt for it, thus democratizing its use.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has been an accelerator for a market that had already been growing at double digits. But, before deciding whether to introduce these services in your business, you have to assess aspects such as the relationship with the aggregators or the commissions charged to carry out the service.

During these months, the measures aimed at promoting home delivery have been diverse, ranging from the rethinking of the letter to the creation of its own platforms for placing and distributing orders. Thus, some businesses have focused on aspects related to the product for delivery, ranging from expanding the proposals for home delivery to improving packaging so that the product arrives with the best quality. Others, on the other hand, have focused on receiving and distributing orders.

For this reason, from QualityFry we offer you this guide on Delivery and Take Away with tips and guidelines so that you get the most out of a trend that has gained special importance after the emergence of COVID 19 and the impact on the hospitality industry. Click here to download the full version for free.

First steps

It is no longer necessary to leave home to consume the best options of restoration at home. But, in order to offer this service with the best guarantees, it is convenient to take into account certain guidelines.

  1. Personnel management
  2. Advertise your menu
  3. Set discounts and offers
  4. Communication
  5. Quality service
  6. Variety on offer
  7. Individual self-service products

Own delivery or by external services?

The option that a priori may be more difficult, mainly because we are going to need a delivery vehicle driven by an employee if we want to cover a large enough delivery area, is to opt for our own delivery.

And in addition to your own vehicle, we will also need other requirements to meet and that we will tell you below:

  1. Hygienic and sanitizable container
  2. Single-use food packaging
  3. Online payment system
  4. Personal Protective Equipment for the worker (PPE)

If you decide yo hire an external delivery service, they will take care of the transport from the door of the restaurant to the door of the client, and its cost usually goes to commission. And you should take care of:

  1. Order registration
  2. Telematic payment
  3. Order packaging

How can QualityFry help you?

The QualityFry equipment can cook without the need for a fume outlet and without an extractor hood. We have developed an innovative filter system that completely eliminates smoke, radically minimises frying odours and allows different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavours.

In this way, there is no contamination in the environment and thanks to their reduced dimensions, they can be placed anywhere in the food preparation section of a grocerant. Moreover, as they are single-phase, they only need an electrical socket to start cooking.

QualityFry is a perfect solution:

  1. No smoke vent or extractor hood
  2. Frying chamber extremely safe.
  3. Speed and standardization of the cooking processes

Do you need extra info or help to design your menu?

Here you can download this Guide to incorporate take away and delivery to your business for free.

You will find practical information, and recipes to design your menu: appetizers, meats, potatoes, shellfish and fish, croquettes, vegetables, desserts…

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