High-performance tests, which verify the quality of the intelligent stove
QUALITYFRY Our Blog High-performance tests, which verify the quality of smart kitchen

High-performance tests, which verify the quality of smart kitchen

Technological advances and technical improvements are in vogue at all times in the 21st century, but it is also true that fitting several improvements, at the same time, within the same element, is not an easy task. For this reason tests and quality tests are essential to establish the basis for product innovation in a product.

From QualityFrywe cannot afford to have a single failure in our cooking machines, since it depends on it whether your menu is exquisite or not. To this end, we make sure from the factory, before each machine goes to market, to carry out the necessary functional and quality tests on each part to ensure that everything is correct.

Thus, when we launch a new product to the market, all this work has to be even more conscientious, carrying out high performance tests that eliminate or reduce to the maximum the margin of error that can occur in components, system performance and cooking results. We have worked very persistently, obtaining the following results:

  • More than 960 non-stop hoursof testing to verify the performance of the new iQ 6 series
  • More than 9000 cooking tests in which all types of products, fresh, frozen, sweet and salted, have been cooked to see the behavior of the technical and technological improvements with each type of food
  • 3500 kg of cooked products of all types, with which the correct operation of each stove has been verified.


With all this, and countless quality tests of each component that makes up our iQ models, we configure our professional fryers with no margin for error.


So that you can confirm that this is so, we invite you to request a free gratuita both remotely and live. So you can see, first hand, that our high performance tests work, while tasting the exquisite menus we can prepare for you.

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