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HOSTELCO 2018: QUALITYFRY presents its wares at a historic fair for the HORECA sector

QualityFry prepares to participate in HOSTELCO 2018 from 16 to 19 April at the Gran Vía fair venue, in Barcelona, leading capital of gastronomy. The International Restaurant, Hotel and Collectives Equipment Hall is positioning itself as a unique event where innovation becomes business. Visit us in Pavilion 7 Stand B239.

HOSTELCO and Alimentaria: An event with greater internationalisation and innovation

At the 19th HOSTELCO, International Restaurant, Hotel and Collectives Equipment Hall, Alimentaria, joins forces with the International Food and Drinks Hall in order to create one of the broadest national and international platforms to promote the food, gastronomy and hotel equipment industry.

The synergies generated by holding these two macro-events at the same time will create a better stage to make the technologies which are dynamizing the sector known to a higher number of professionals and strategic buyers: technologies such as ecofry developed by QUALITYFRY in its automatic frying equipment line.

QualityFry: Technology without smoke or odours at Hostelco 2018

QUALITYFRY will occupy almost 90 square metres of the leading hall in Spain for Restaurant, Hotel and Collectives Equipment. We will be performing live demonstrations of the properties of our appliances and of the wide variety of products which can be fried healthily and with 37% less fat absorption, at number B239 of Pavilion 7 of the Fira de Barcelona.

Over the four days of HOSTELCO, visitors will be able to taste original fried recipes aligned with the concepts of healthy, automatic cuisine with a small environmental footprint at the QUALITYFRY stand. Those attending will be able to see for themselves the quality of frying of very different products, which can be fried at the same time, in the same oil and without mixing their tastes. Frozen product such as croquettes, chicken fingers, chips, squid, prawns, chicken wings, onion rings…; fresh products: peppers, mushrooms, fungi, artichokes, vegetable rolls, battered aubergines, almonds…; sweet products: churros, fritters, doughnuts, Nutella tequeños… all ready to serve to the customer in record time.

Operational speed, high performance and reduction in energy consumption – certified with 24% saving in operational electricity cost compared to traditional frying equipment – are characteristics which make the QUALITYFRY fryers one of the most attractive offers in the Equipment Hall, held this year with a high business projection.



QualityFry joins an endless number of activities and networking to participate in the generation of new and greater opportunities for business and international expansion.

QualityFry presents its latest innovation at The HOSTELCO Speakers’ Corner

We will explain in detail how a correct development of the process of quality frying, suitable raw materials, proper maintenance of equipment, protocolised practices and trained staff, directly influence the organoleptic and nutritional quality of the fried products, as well as the useful life of the frying oil. For this reason, it is important for the HORECA sector to be aware of the implications of good cooking practices and the added value brought by the incorporation of innovative technologies and automation, such as the QualityFry technology, into the process.

Visitors will be able to see why the QualityFry technology has been given the  Seal of Excellence by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme and has recently been selected to receive Phase 2 SME Instrument funding, a highly competitive project whose purpose is to promote leading-edge European businesses.


Find us in Pavilion 7 Stand B239

Attend all our live demonstrations at HOSTELCO 2018, Pavilion 7 Stand B239 from 16 to 19 April at the Fira de Barcelona. You will taste products prepared with Fast Chef Elite, a machine with 100% Spanish design and manufacture.

Promote your business with the technical advances and innovations that are revolutionising the HORECA sector.

Come and join us!