How to help your restaurant grow after the summer
QUALITYFRY Our Blog How to help your restaurant grow after the summer

How to help your restaurant grow after the summer

After the summer break, September is usually one of the months that needs the most effort to start. And, in the case that your restaurant has closed in August, reaching your billing level before the holidays is a great challenge. But after the well-deserved vacations, at QualityFry we give you some tricks so that your restaurant continues to grow after the summer.

Clues to resume activity in your restaurant


Check the equipment of your kitchen and always pick for those that offer competitive advantages such as the iQ QualityFry range of fryers, as they are ideal within business models that are committed to fast, high-quality restoration at affordable prices. This type of business, whether so-called bakery coffee, neo-taverns, single-product business, or themed business such as burger joints, sandwich joints, bars or breweries direct their investment towards catering equipment such as the brand’s fryers, que facilita una cocina sin instalación de salida de humos, con bajo coste eléctrico y sin gastos extras de personal.

Its filter system eliminates fumes and radically minimizes frying odors – which favors its location on the bar or counter of the premises.

Automation and technology:

An equipment truly functional, is automatic. In the iQ models, you only have to place the product in the input tray and choose the cooking time. When the product is ready, it will be automatically ejected to the output tray, where it will be ready for plating.

In addition, they have a technology that shortens frying times by 27% and allows two different products to be fried at the same time and in the same oil, without mixing their flavors. Cooking is done by immersion frying, which is less aggressive than other culinary techniques, and manages to maintain all the nutritional value of the food. Keep in mind that healthy fast food (fast good) is on the rise, and conveying confidence in the product and in the cooking processes to customers is highly recommended.

The menu: There is no better time of year to renew your menu than September, QualityFry offers you the possibility of going beyond the traditional fried portions. Make a savory or sweet menu, depending on the service required (breakfasts, appetizers, snacks, tapas, informal lunches or dinners), that encourages the consumption of beverages and that fits the tastes of different types of customers. Your imagination is the limit, here are some ideas.

Savings: In these times in the hotel industry, cost savings is another key factor. The iQ QualityFry range of fryers incorporate the ecofry technology that allow reduce electricity costs by 24% compared to a traditional fryer and reduce oil consumption by 37%, achieving a lower content of fats absorbed by food and offering your customers a healthier and higher quality frying.

Adapt to customer demand, make work operations more flexible and streamlined, focus on the core of the business by reducing unnecessary expenses, maintain a balance between the quality and price of the products on offer and introduce technology (r&d) in machinery of hospitality that generates profitability, can be key to increasing your income statement.

The hole range of iQ QualityFry fryers support business models based on service, good value for money and a menu that allows for attracting a broad profile of customers. Request a demo here and we advise you with the necessary equipment for your business.

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