QUALITYFRY Our Blog Increase the average ticket with healthy and sustainable fried foods

Increase the average ticket with healthy and sustainable fried foods

Increasing the average ticket is one of the key objectives in hospitality. Learning to increase sales involves not only selling the most expensive products, but focusing on those that are most profitable. Fried products have the highest profit margin.

One of the most successful strategies to increase the average ticket in the restaurant business is to focus on the profitability of the menu. Fried products have the highest profit margin between the cost of raw materials and the sale price. Incorporating them into an attractive and quality menu should be a priority for chefs and entrepreneurs.

With the QualityFry range of ventless deep fryers it is possible to design a profitable menu, without the need to increase investment in kitchen or staff, and in a sustainable and safe environment. This automatic machine allows to give prominence to the most profitable dishes on the menu, create different menus (sweet and savory), offer tapas to promote consumption, offer tastings of the chef’s novelties, have special dishes for children, introduce gastronomic proposals for people with celiac disease, among many other benefits that encourage the average ticket.

The versatility of these fryers allows you to fry any type of food in its frying chamber. Prepare different types of products at once or consecutively (fresh, frozen, sweet, salty) and without mixing their flavors. This feature is especially appreciated in establishments with extensive menus or in business models in which rotation and fast service are basic ingredients. Another great advantage of the fryer is that it can prepare both large and small servings, depending on the demand of the service.

From squid to Roman to churros, a wide range of recipes comes to life on the most advanced frying machine on the market. The result is always a crispy product, perfectly drained, fat-free, without alteration in taste, ready to serve the customer. Technical controls carried out by accredited external companies (ENAC) confirm that QualityFry fryers reduce oil consumption by 37% compared to a traditional fryer, and the fried products in it contain 37% less fat.

Frying dishes to increase the average ticket in your local

Renew the menu at least once a season, preparing with Fast Chef Elite different options of healthy frying dishes. You can prepare combined dishes for the menu, dishes with promotional prices that include desserts, Chef’s dishes, starter tapas, fry cones for take away … many are the options that this machine can offer you, some of them we detail below:Fry all kinds of vegetables

-Asparagus / 2 Bunch of fresh asparagus from the garden / Frying time: 1.35 min.- Padrón peppers / 800 grams / Frying time: 1.35 min.-Mushrooms. Frying time: 1.35 min.-Eggplants. Frying time: 1.45 min.-Tempura of vegetables. Frying time: 1.45 min.

Fry all kinds of meat

-1 kilo of beef / sirloin tacos in 4X4 millimeters cuts / Frying time: 3 min

-10 mini veal burgers (you can also make mini burgers with chicken, pork, etc.) Frying time: 1.30 min

Fry all kinds of fresh fish and seafood
-Fresh squid / 500 grams. Frying time: 2.30 min.

-Chopitos / 500 grams. Frying time: 1.30 min.

-Pota / 500 grams. Frying time: 1.30 min.

-Hake / 500 grams. Frying time: 1.45 min.

-Shrimp / 500 grams. Frying time: 1.35 min.

-Octopus / 500 grams. Frying time: 2 min.

-Tortillitias of shrimp / 500 grams. Frying time: 2 min.

-Octopus. Frying time: 2 min.

-Seatail tails. Frying time: 3 min.

– Marinated dogfish. Frying time: 3 min.

Fry frozen products

-Frozen croquettes / 500 grams / flavors: boletus ham, idiazábal cheese, blue cheese, cod, leek confit and pine nuts, baby squid … even chocolate. Frying time: 3 min.

-Bags of vegetables, seafood and meat. Frying time: 2 min.

-Potatoes with a thickness of 6×6 millimeters / 750 grams. You can also fry potato wedges, straw potatoes … Frying time: 2.30 min.

-Mozarella fakeuers. Frying time: 2 min.

-Frozen onion rings / 1 bag. Frying time: 2.15 min.

– Frozen chicken / 2 kilos. Frying time: 2 min.

Fry sweet products

– Fresh or frozen churros / 2 kg. Frying time: 2 min.

– Frozen banana samosas / 1 kg. Frying time: 1.30 min.

– Fritters / 500 grams. Frying time: 2 min.

-French toast. Frying time: 2 min.

-Pestiño. Frying time: 2.30 min.

-Fried milk. Frying time: 1.30 min.

Ready to increase the average ticket of your local!