Food regeneration: QualityFry against food waste
QUALITYFRY Our Blog QualityFry and food regeneration against food waste

QualityFry and food regeneration against food waste

Food waste is one of the scourges in several sectors of global industry and society. Around one third of produced food is discarded in the world. These are worrying data that if they are joined to the high rates of food inflation,it is very likely that many citizens are on the threshold of poverty. Let´s talk about food regeneration.

n the EU, quantification of food waste levels (latest FUSIONS estimate) reveals that 70% of food waste arises in the household, foodservice and retail sectors.I For this reason, governments and administrations are taking initiatives to contribute and fight against food waste. In fact, in Spain, on July 7, 2022, the government approved a law against food waste, that regulations promote actions to prevent food loss throughout food chain, from harvest to consumption.

QualityFry food regeneration

At QualityFry, we have developed a frying technology that, no in addition to not generating smokes, odors or mixed flavors, regenerates the food in just 30 seconds, resulting in a texture and flavor as if it were freshly made. The time elapsed since its initial cooking does not matter, as long as the properties of the food remain intact. Is very simple, put the food in one of the QualityFry fryer models, choose 30-second cooking program and, after this time, the food will be ejected through the outlet hatch with a flawless appearance and a freshly cooked texture.

In this way QualityFry and its frying technology show, once again, its commitment to sustainability and circular economy. In addition, thanks to Ecofry technology, Qualityfry fryers minimize the environmental footprint, saving 24% less energy consumption and reducing oil consumption by 37%, making QualityFry IQ Models the most sustainable frying option on the market.

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