QualityFry and Keenon Robotics the future of Hotel Service
QUALITYFRY Company news QualityFry and Keenon Robotics redefine the future of Hotel Service

QualityFry and Keenon Robotics redefine the future of Hotel Service

For QualityFry, the hotel sector is one of its most important projects due to the variety of solutions that iQ equipment can offer for a more efficient and high-quality service. Como siempre, QualityFry, busca partners que aporten valor al hotelero y buenas experiencias al huésped. Por ello, la reciente alianza estratégica con Keenon Robotics promete revolucionar la experiencia culinaria y de servicio en hoteles a través de la integración de los equipos automáticos e inteligentes iQ de QualityFry y la eficiencia en el room service del robot W3 Butlerbot de Keenon.

Innovation in the Kitchen with QualityFry

QualityFry is recognized for its innovative kitchen equipment technology. Its automatic and autonomous equipment with patented Ecofry technology not only guarantees the preparation of high-quality food but also optimizes kitchen processes, reducing oil and energy consumption. QualityFry’s iQ models stand out for their ability to offer a wide range of quickly and efficiently prepared foods without sacrificing taste or texture.

These features make the iQ equipment ideal for the hotel sector, where management and quality in food preparation are essential. Additionally, QualityFry’s technology allows its equipment to be installed at any point in the hotel, whether in the kitchen, lobby, pool area, or bar area, without limitations, opening the door to new gastronomic offers for the customer wherever they are.

Service revolution with Keenon Robotics

Keenon Robotics, on the other hand, is a world leader in robotic solutions for services. Its W3 Butlerbot is designed to transform room service in hotels, offering a 24-hour room service solution. This intelligent robot can deliver food and other items directly to guests’ rooms, ensuring fast, efficient, hygienic, and wait-free service.

The W3 Butlerbot is equipped with advanced autonomous navigation, allowing it to move precisely and safely throughout the hotel’s facilities. Additionally, its intuitive interface ensures smooth interaction for both guests and hotel staff. The incorporation of this robot not only improves operational efficiency but also offers an innovative and memorable experience for customers.

A perfect synergy for the Hotel Service

An unprecedented market offering is presented, the collaboration between QualityFry and Keenon Robotics combines the best of both worlds: excellence in food preparation and innovation in customer service. This alliance allows hotels to offer a full range of food prepared with QualityFry’s iQ equipment, complemented by continuous room service provided by Keenon’s W3 Butlerbot.

For hotels, this means being able to offer their guests a high-quality culinary experience at any time of day or night, without the need for a large kitchen staff operating 24 hours a day. The efficiency and speed in food preparation and delivery translate into greater customer satisfaction and optimization of the hotel’s internal resources.

The strategic partnership between QualityFry and Keenon Robotics marks a milestone in innovation in the hotel sector. By combining the technology of QualityFry and Keenon, hotels can offer a superior experience to their guests while improving operational efficiency and sustainability. This alliance not only responds to current market needs but also sets a new standard for the future of hospitality.

With solutions ranging from the kitchen to food delivery, QualityFry and Keenon Robotics are ready to transform the hotel industry, offering guests an unforgettable experience and hotels a more efficient and sustainable operation in service.

QualityFry continues to successfully work on its process of expansion and strengthening internationally and into new market segments.

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