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QualityFry at the III National Congress of Sensory Analysis

QualityFry has participated in the III National Congress of the Spanish Association of Analysis Professionals Sensorial (AEPAS), it took place on June from 26 to 28 at the Basque Culinary Center (Donostia-San Sebastián).

III AEPAS National Congress

The Spanish Association of Sensory Analysis Professionals (AEPAS) celebrated its III National Congress at the Basque Culinary Center of San Sebastian on June 26, 27 and 28, 2019, where the scientific, academic and industry world meet to show the state of science in the sensory analysis of food.

The Congress focuses on the current trends of consumers with regard to food and those seeking personalization of meals and improve health. This is why arises the need to find new foods that meet the global requirements of sustainability and circular economy, increase the quality of products and the information related to food issues; and ultimately, the increase in well-being.

The Congress had the presence of prestigious international speakers, as well as 4 thematic blocks, which included:

Relationship physiology-sensorial, emotions-sensorial, nutrition-sensorial.
Design of new products and their perception and adaptation to the consumer.
Sensory analysis tools for determining the quality of food.

QualityFry: Exploratory Study about the Perception of Automatic Frying in the Elderly Population

With the aim of assessing the acceptability of the products and the use of frying equipment in the elderly population, Rocío Teruel Gutiérrez, R&D Food Product of Qualityfry with the collaboration of the Subd. Gen. Inv. Sanitaria, D.G. PIF, of the Community of Madrid prepared an Exploratory Study about the Perception of Automatic Frying with the users of the Residence AMAVIR-Coslada.

The equipment developed by QUALITYFRY allows the frying process to be carried out automatically, avoiding any risk such as splashing or burns and without the emission of smoke or odors.

The ecofry technology that is incorporated in FCE+ Carrousel fryer achieves effective management of resources, in terms of its operation, as a segment of the sample used the equipment to prepare the products and considered that it was a good experience and easy to use; about the product, as the consumption of oil decreases by 37% as it is a closed and compact machine that does not leave pass light or barely oxygen; and for electricity, the electrical cost is reduced by more than 24% compared to a traditional fryer.

The ecofry technology focused on obtaining a healthy, safe and sustainable frying has been recognized by the European Commission with the Seal of Excellence and is a beneficiary of the SME Instrument Phase 2 funds within the Horizon Research and Innovation Framework Program 2020.

Useful information

III Congreso Nacional de la Asociación Española de Profesionales del Análisis Sensorial (AEPAS)
Days: 26, 27 and 28 june, 2019
Hours: 9.30am – 5pm
Place: Basque Culinary Center – Paseo Juan Avelino Barriola, 101, 20009 Donostia, Gipuzkoa

You can consult more information on their website AEPAS National Congress .