Fast Chef Elite premio CE

The European Commission has awarded QUALITYFRY the Seal of Excellence under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation which promotes industrial leadership in Europe and strengthens the scientific base for business projects. The QUALITYFRY proposal, based on smoke-free cooking equipment and the development of healthy and sustainable frying technology, through products such as the FAST CHEF ELITE fryer,has been recognised as an important innovation in the foodservice sector.

The frying technology developed by QUALITYFRY for FAST CHEF ELITE allows food to be cooked quickly with an efficient use of resources, in terms of both products (oil consumption is reduced because the machine is closed and compact and does not allow light or oxygen to enter) and electricity (electricity costs are reduced by over 50% compared to a traditional fryer).

The foodservice equipment created by QUALITYFRY ensures eco-friendly cooking in two ways: the absence of smoke (and 94% reduction of odours) reduces the environmental footprint of the cooking process and at the same time produces fried dishes which conserve their nutritional value. The automatic fryers created by our company use a deep-frying process: constant oil temperatures are combined with relatively short cooking times to ensure that the food absorbs less fat. This technique provides a healthy frying process, with highly-appreciated gastronomic results, which has been rewarded on this occasion with the Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence.

The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme has included, for the first time, all stages of the business project, from the generation of knowledge right through to market-oriented activities. Its aim is to promote technologies and technological applications which will improve European competitiveness. The programme supports small and medium-sized enterprises which are interested in international growth through European-wide innovation projects. It offers the opportunity to finance an evaluation of the concept and its viability, as well as supporting marketing activities and helping to maximise the leveraging of results.

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