Reduce your restaurant's electricity bill by 24%
QUALITYFRY Our Blog Reduce your restaurant’s electricity bill by 24%

Reduce your restaurant’s electricity bill by 24%

Rising electricity bill is one of the biggest headaches for hospitality professionals. Restaurants, bars and hotels are business models that require the use of electricity for each and every one of the services they offer to the customer.

The highest rate of consumption is found, in this order: in the energy required by kitchen equipment, air conditioning and lighting. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of kitchen equipment has become a necessity that is generating major changes in the sector with the aim of reducing the electricity bill.

QualityFry, with its equipment for ecofriendly cooking, combines products and processes under the umbrella of sustainability. The technology of the brand’s iQ equipment is part of this new catering model that is committed to energy savings and sustainability.

Energy-efficient catering equipment

Its ecofry technology developed in all iQ equipment reduces the electrical operating cost by 24% compared to a traditional fryer. But… how can we reduce your restaurant’s bill?

Its ecofry technology saves up to 24% of energy compared to traditional open fryers thanks to its closed frying system that ensures that the oil temperature is always constant, thus avoiding heat loss and temperature recovery time.

The equipment has a closed frying vat, which does not allow light to enter and minimizes the contact of the oil with oxygen, increasing its useful life compared to other fryers since there is no possible oxidation, thus achieving a saving of 37% in oil.

During the frying and drying process in our equipment, the water, evaporated oil and volatilized solid particles are extracted, leaving a golden and crispy product in record time (saves 27% of frying time), which in turn means having a healthier food because it is submerged in oil for less time.

In addition, it allows frying several types of food at the same time and consecutively, without mixing their flavors. For example, you can fry a portion of potatoes followed by a portion of churros and neither food will absorb the flavor of the other food.

QualityFry fryers operate automatically so that frying times are optimal for each product and operating costs are fully controlled.

On the other hand, iQ fryers have a filter system that allows frying without the need of an extractor hood or fume exhaust system. Fume extraction systems represent a significant electrical cost that could be avoided by opting for an iQ fryer.

New needs demand immediate solutions. Discover all the QualityFry equipment that have taken an important step forward by betting on a technology that achieves energy efficiency in the kitchen.

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