QualityFry RENTING - the renting formula that adapts to you
QUALITYFRY Company news Your iQ equipment for only TWO servings per day (offer valid only in Spain)

Your iQ equipment for only TWO servings per day (offer valid only in Spain)

QualityFrypresents QualityFry RENTING, an affordable and flexible solution for your business. With this option, you can enjoy the advantages offered by QualityFry iQ equipment or less than 9€ per day*, allowing you to offer varied and delicious recipes in a simple way.

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Offer valid in Spain only

No down payment

With QualityFry RENTING, you don’t need to make a large initial outlay to have access to the best smoke and odor-free cooking equipment on the market. This solution allows any business, regardless of its size or type, to access state-of-the-art technology without financial worries.

Profitability from day one

QualityFry iQ equipment is designed for efficiency and quality. From day one, you will be able to offer your customers varied and delicious recipes in a simple way, which will translate into greater customer satisfaction and, therefore, greater profitability for your business.

Renewal of equipment

Keeping up with the latest technology has never been easier. QualityFry RENTING includes the periodic renewal of equipment, ensuring that you always have the best in the market without additional costs.

Fully deductible payments

Renting payments are fully deductible, which is a tax advantage for your business, improving your cash flow and facilitating financial management.

Industrial fryer and stove without smoke outlet

The QualityFry industrial fryer is designed to maximize efficiency in the kitchen, allowing you to cook food portions in less time, with less oil consumption and less electricity consumption. In addition, thanks to its ECOFRY, technology, you can manage a kitchen without smoke outlet, maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Why choose QualityFry RENTING?

  • Flexibility and accessibility: ideal for all types of businesses, gastronomic or not.
  • Advanced technology: high quality equipment that guarantees exceptional results.
  • Continuous support: technical assistance and equipment renewal at no additional cost.

Start today

Don’t miss this opportunity and start enjoying the advantages of QualityFry RENTING.Contact us for more information and discover how you can transform your business with state-of-the-art equipment.


*To approval by the financial institution

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