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5 tips for choosing catering equipment in 2023

The 2023 brings with it the improvement of benefits in equipment for the hospitality industry. Innovation, technology, IOT do not stop and it can become overwhelming for some hoteliers who are looking for trends to offer the best service in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, gas stations and organized catering establishments, since a large part of the success of your business depends on this. From QualityFry we want to give you some tips when choosing the right catering equipment to achieve maximum profitability in your restaurant business.

Did you know that fryers are a fundamental equipment for the long-term sustainability of a restaurant business? It is a reality that fried products are the most profitable in the horeca sector since the margin between the cost of the raw material and the sale price of the portions is quite high, in addition, it is a product that does not require much time for preparation in the kitchen and the result, using the correct fryer, is always a success and also can be served to the customer in record time.

All the time, the restaurant models are more innovative, such as bakery coffee, merchants, restaurants at service stations such as gas stations, airports, and restaurants and bars that do not have a smoke outlet but they can have a 360º turn to its business model by incorporating a ventless deep fryer.

How to choose catering equipment

  1. Choose a closed and automatic equipment

To obtain a high-quality fried product, it is essential to keep the temperature of the oil stable during the frying process. A closed fryer reaches the ideal temperature in less time, helps you avoid heat loss during the frying process and reduces the time that the food must remain submerged in the oil.

In addition, it is important to extract the product from the oil at the right time and this can only be achieved by an automatic fryer that controls the times, this is an advantage difficult to achieve with a traditional open fryer.

  1. That carries out a healthy frying and by immersion

Frying by inmersion is less aggressive than other culinary techniques, since it manages to maintain all the nutritional value of the food. The cooking times of a machine that works by immersion frying are relatively short, so the contact of the food with the oil is superficial and there is minimal oil absorption.

  1. A machine that allows to automate and standardize frying processes

This feature gives added value to those businesses with a large volume of customers, establishments with extensive menus and for restaurant chains. The iQ QualityFry models have a touch display that allows you to program the frying times for your products. To start frying, you only need to follow 3 steps: place the product in the input hopper, choose the time for each product and collect the product in the out tray. It is ready to serve.

Its simple and fast handling allows to eliminate the handling errors by the personnel; and, the most important thing is that it allows you to standardize the kitchen processes between stores in your chain. Thus, each service and each product that you offer will have the same quality standard in all your establishments.

  1. Efficient and versatile

Energy costs represents one of the most significant costs for restaurant establishments and fryers for catering have an important role for hospitality. The highest rate of consumption is found, in this order, in the energy demanded by kitchen equipment, air conditioning and local lighting. Improving the energy efficiency of kitchen equipment has become a need that is generating great changes in the sector.

According to our experience, with our equipment it is possible to reduce the electrical cost of operation by 24% compared to a traditional open fryer. Its closed frying chamber and its filter system prevent the emission of smoke during the cooking process, minimizing heat loss and, therefore, with lower energy consumption.

In addition, its versatility lies in the fact that you can prepare fresh or frozen foods, both sweet and salty, at the same time, in the same oil and without mixing their flavors.

  1. A safe and easy to install fryer

The frying process does not have to be dangerous or difficult. Kitchen staff should not come into contact with frying oil or hot surfaces. One more reason to opt for a closed and compact machine, with automatic process control. And above all, easy to install, QualityFry equipment is single-phase, they only need a power outlet and they are ready to work.

If you need advice, write to marketing@qualityfry.com or request a demo and we will help you find the ideal equipment for your business.

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