A major French distribution company and QualityFry
QUALITYFRY News A major French distribution company and QualityFry

A major French distribution company and QualityFry


During the last weeks, the presence of QualityFryin France has been noticeable, thanks to the celebration of the Salón Galec, which took place on September 18 and 19, 2023, in the presence of a major French retail and distribution company, Leclerc.

This type of event brings together tall the suppliers of Leclerc stores, where the wide range of products offered by the retailer, both in consumer goods and gastronomy, is highlighted.

In this way and thanks to BIOGalta, distributor for the whole French territory, with a strong presence in the professional equipment sector, and its extensive experience in the HORECA and retail sectors., QualityFry equipment was able to travel to France, relying on the professionalism and skills of this company and its sales force, which, in addition, highlighted the attributes of the brand and its products.

This demonstrates the great versatility of QualityFry equipment.since not only can they be present in the HORECA channel, but also, thanks to their technology Ecofry, which generates no smoke or odors, can be installed inside any business, ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for customers and employees.

Thanks to the great adaptability and extensive knowledge of the French market that BIOGalta has, QualityFry fryers are present in this type of events, as they are adaptable to any sector and any circumstance. In addition, the wide range of recipes makes it possible to cook both sweet and savory dishes, as well as frozen or fresh products, always obtaining healthier fried food, thanks to the drying process included in the cooking process.

Book your free demo and come and learn how QualityFry’s automatic and intelligent cooking can help you diversify, or generate more value to your business.

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