Automatic Smart Cooking: new iQ 1000
QUALITYFRY News Automatic Smart Cooking: new iQ series 10

Automatic Smart Cooking: new iQ series 10

The new iQ 1000 features a number of technical and technological enhancements hat have resulted in a cooking machine for professional kitchens that will undoubtedly revolutionize the concept of automatic smart cooking.These advances have made it possible to manufacture a fryer that is more and more oriented towards making life easier for those who use it, since, thanks to its Smart technology, it will allow a for a much more connected user experience, conscious and involving.


All this is summarized in a series of details that have been incorporated and tested with the utmost precision, to facilitate the day-to-day running of your professional kitchen:

  • The product inlet has been redesigned to ensure watertightness, with a magnetic flap traction system and an improved anti-pinch system
  • The extraction control is monitored to ensure improved efficiency
  • New redesigned and improved control and power electronics
  • New electrical system hat is safer, more reliable and longer lasting
  • Improved and revamped software with new features and enhanced functionality
  • A redesigned fryer vat assembly for increased safety and reliability

In addition, all these improvements are available to any user who wants to test them through our free demos. Book your demo and enjoy all that QualityFry can do for your business, helping it to grow, creating complete menus in the simplest and most practical way, with a quick return on investment.

Don’t miss out on the advantages of our iQ equipment of QualityFry and learn, simply and quickly, how to diversify your business, since, thanks to the technology Ecofry, that is, without fumes or odors and without the need to install complete and expensive extraction and exhaust systems, you will be able to offer fast and delicious recipes to your customers, as well as create healthier environments for customers and employees.

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