BEST COMPANY SOLUTIONS, QualityFry solutions in Poland
QUALITYFRY News BEST COMPANY SOLUTIONS, QualityFry solutions in Poland

BEST COMPANY SOLUTIONS, QualityFry solutions in Poland


For over a decade, Best Company Solutions has been at the forefront of supplying top-tier professional catering equipment to a diverse range of establishments. From petrol stations to offices, supermarkets, hotels, bars and cafeterias, among many others.

Standing tall as one of Poland’s premier distributors in this domain, BEST CS has played an instrumental role in propelling the growth of the Hospitality, Restaurants, and Catering (HoReCa) industry. Their commitment extends far beyond mere transactions; it encompasses the provision of holistic services that empower businesses across sectors. This implies a thorough analysis of the specific requirements of each customer, in order to satisfy their needs to the maximum, with the consequent support in terms of training and after-sales.

Since 2018, it has added the QualityFry catalogto its product portfolio. This demonstrates its unwavering pride in offering innovative solutions, thus betting on the customer’s business growth. Gosia Piekarska, Marketing Manager of Best CS and the agreement with QualityFry.



What does the customer value/demand the most when choosing kitchen equipment for their business?

In our current era, marked by the need for ingenuity in managing hotels and restaurants, the dynamics are such that demand innovative solutions. With the surge in inflation and the palpable reverberations of the conflict in Ukraine, a sense of caution has taken hold when it comes to making pivotal investment decisions It is within this context that the discerning choices of our clientele come to light. They have come to recognize and value the exceptional caliber and steadfast reliability that are intrinsic QualityFry products.

Opting to acquire these cutting-edge devices, not only facilitates the expansion and enrichment of the gastronomic offerings not within their establishments but also serves as a beacon of pragmatic financial wisdom. The financial benefits become readily apparent – tangible cost savings ensue. The daily utilization of QualityFry is

marked by its innate simplicity, requiring minimal staff involvement. With automated cleaning processes and expeditious food preparation, the operational facet becomes remarkably streamlined.

The crux of the matter lies in the swift and efficient culinary transformation facilitated by QualityFry. Within a concise span of time, patrons are presented with dishes that are not only freshly prepared but also exquisitely cooked to perfection. This attribute holds profound significance for establishments such as fuel stations and gastronomic concepts within stores, where time sensitivity is paramount.

When our clientele invest in QualityFry, they embark on a journey that leads to a multi-faceted enhancement of their culinary offerings. Beyond this, the overarching efficiency improvements resonate throughout their operations, enabling them to nimbly navigate the intricate contours of today’s dynamic and exacting business landscape. In these times that demand adeptness, QualityFry stands as a beacon of innovative empowerment for businesses, empowering them to meet the challenges head-on while delighting their patrons with unparalleled gastronomic experiences.


How important do you consider technology is in a kitchen equipment? How does this align with the QualityFry products?

In recent years, the pace of technological advancement has been nothing short of astounding, and QualityFry stands as a prime example of a brand that strides confidently alongside this rapid progress in each of its products. This brand is no stranger to the realm of modern technologies; in fact, it thrives within it. Among

the myriad reasons that have solidified its standing among customers is the resounding absence of unwanted odors emitted by their devices. Moreover, the unparalleled ability to craft exquisite dishes within a remarkably short span of time has garnered substantial appreciation from patrons.

One facet that truly sets QualityFry apart is its capacity to usher in economic and environmental advantages. By skillfully managing oil and electricity consumption, QualityFry’s products offer a significant means of reducing operational costs while simultaneously embracing eco-conscious practices. In an age where sustainability and efficiency stand as guiding principles, QualityFry not only caters to the evolving needs and rising expectations of its clientele but also leads the charge in establishing sustainable cooking practices.

he transformative impact of QualityFry extends beyond culinary delights. It has become a catalyst for change, enabling culinary establishments to transcend traditional boundaries. With the integration of QualityFry, these establishments can reimagine their operations, carving a path toward operational excellence. The capability to produce meals of exceptional quality within fleeting moments not only elevates customer experiences but also streamlines overall efficiency.


Let’s talk about your customers. Tell us about your needs, how QualityFry technology has helped you in the development of your business and the equipment you usually purchase.

Our main customers for QualityFry products are fuel stations and convenience stores. They appreciate the fact that they can diversify their offerings by introducing a variety of products – fresh and frozen, sweet or savory (meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, side dishes such as potatoes or fries).

The most frequently chosen model is the iQ 640 FES Carrousel. With its versatility and efficiency, this model caters to the needs of our clients in the fuel station and convenience store sector, allowing them to expand their menu options and satisfy the tastes and preferences of their customers. The iQ 640 FES Carrousel exemplifies the innovative approach of QualityFry, providing a reliable and high-performance solution for preparing a wide range of culinary delights.



This is how our distributors talk about our relationship and the satisfaction that our products bring to their customers, who must be satisfied so that we at QualityFry are satisfied with the development of our equipment and the way we work.


For their time and support in developing QualityFry for the Polish market, we are very grateful to Gosia and the entire BEST CS team.


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