• New technologies are banishing unpleasant smells from bars and restaurants, once and for all. Ventless fryers such as Fast Chef Elite eliminate smoke and odours to create ecofriendly kitchens which take into account the environmental impact of cooking processes.

In the foodservice world, smoke and odour-free kitchens are becoming more and more important. Our sense of taste is based 70% on smell. Over recent years, marketing gurus have placed great importance on stimulating the sense of smell as a commercial strategy. They have developed the concept of smell to such a degree that they have created corporate aromas for brands, shops and leisure facilities, so that we recognise and remember them from a purely olfactory perspective. But what about the foodservice industry? Do we promote good smells? Do we eliminate bad smells, such as that of frying?

Most foods leave a trail of scent which is characteristic of the product and reminds us of its taste, texture and aroma. For a foodservice establishment to smell good, it must smell of food, NOT the cooking process. Chips, fried squid and croquettes all have pleasant and appetising smells, however the same cannot be said for the frying process itself. How many times have you left a restaurant with your clothes smelling a little too much like the menu of the day? The elimination of smoke and odours from modern kitchens is already a priority for pioneering foodservice entrepreneurs and chefs. The Fast Chef Elite fryer is one of the R&D investments that are helping to achieve this.

Some cooking processes produce a pleasant smell, such as baking bread or grinding coffee. Other processes, however, do not share this virtue, for example the boiling or frying of certain foods. We fondly remember the smell and taste of traditional dishes such as fried squid, fish and croquettes on the beachfront, however this is not often the case with the smell of frying. With the Fast Chef Elite automatic fryer, good memories of Mediterranean fried food are strengthened whilst negative impressions are kept at bay. What is more, this foodservice machine has a reduced environmental footprint in terms of smoke emissions, which is an important advantage for the future.

Fast Chef: Smoke-free technology with guaranteed quality

The most advanced fryer on the market can fry independently without the need for an extractor hood or fume extraction ducts. It uses a filter system to ensure smoke and odour-free cooking, which means that it can be installed anywhere on the premises, indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen, on the counter or on the backfittings.

Due to its smoke-free technology, Fast Chef is a perfect fryer for small premises, with or without a kitchen. It is ideal for snack bars, fast food outlets and new business models within the franchise system. The possibility of installing this fryer on premises which do not have cooking facilities means that new businesses can be set up in the main shopping streets of towns and cities or in supermarkets, hypermarkets, station and airport service areas and other “casual eating” areas where food stalls, foodtrucks and streetfood offer attractive business opportunities.

The smoke and odour-free technology developed by QUALITYFRY offers a competitive edge to business models which provide high-quality fast food at affordable prices.

What is more, the quality of the results achieved by this smoke-free fryer serves to further its success and rapid growth. Fast Chef Elite produces fried foods which are healthy, non-greasy and crispy in texture because only a minimal amount of oil enters the product. The technique used by Fast Chef (deep frying with vapour extraction) quickly “seals” the product’s pores during the frying process and thereby prevents the flavour of one food from affecting another, whether sweet or savoury, even when they are fried at the same time and in the same oil. The flavours do not become mixed.

Due to its draining system and vapour and active particle extraction technology, this machine produces healthy fried food and offers gastronomic results which are hard to match using a conventional fryer.

The time has come for odour and smoke-free kitchens. These are the key concepts which are pushing the foodservice sector with the greatest potential and growth in Spain: those of a service based on flexible and innovative forms of casual cuisine.


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