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Dark kitchen: a growing business concept

The business model that develops around a dark kitchen is one of the most important trends today, whose most significant factor is the management of the kitchen and the equipment used. Next, we explain what you need to assemble a dark kitchen and why the equipment is important.

Now more than ever, and with the current situation due to the health emergency, food delivery has become the first option for most consumers due to the convenience and speed of “delivery” at mealtime. Which, in turn, has given rise to the dark kitchen. Despite the fact that this business concept has not been on the market for a decade, it has been rapidly consolidating thanks to delivery platforms such as Glovo and Deliveroo.

We tell you what dark kitchen are and the benefits of using machinery without smoke or odors in this type of business.

What is a dark kitchen?

The “dark kitchens”, also known as ghost kitchens, are a type of industrial kitchen created to supply and improve the efficiency of restaurants that cannot supply themselves in the premises to satisfy their demand; and, especially for delivery companies that do not have a physical restaurant, also helping brands to provide their services in areas that previously did not have covers.

This new business model has led to the development of hundreds of virtual brands that operate solely through food delivery orders, completely relegating those resources that conventional restaurants use for customer service: living room, tables, chairs, waiters, terrace , kitchenware, etc.

Ghost kitchens allow businesses to adapt to demand more easily, taking customers on a gastronomic journey with a wide variety and types of cuisine that can be ordered from home. And, in turn, they are a solution to reduce costs for restaurants.