Energy efficiency: QualityFry technology saves 24% electrical energy
QUALITYFRY Our Blog Energy efficiency: QualityFry technology saves 24% electrical energy

Energy efficiency: QualityFry technology saves 24% electrical energy

Hospitality equipment is the great ally of the news business models based on ecofriendly cooking or ecofry, especially now for the rise in the energy price.

The ecofriendly kitchencombines products and processes that make it develop within sustainability. The traditional cuisine, the respect for the origin and history of the product can save many income statements. The consumer is not only looking for the quality-price ratio of the offer, but also the gastronomic and nutritional value of the product that is offered.

Although the quality of the product is of great importance in this type of cuisine, its concept goes beyond the ecology of the neighborhood garden. We are aware that hospitality business are the commercial establishments with the highest energy consumption per square meter and their cost represents one of the most significant costs for hospitality and restaurant companies. Restaurants, bars and hotels are business models that require the use of electricity for each and every one of the services they offer to the customer. The highest rate of consumption is found, in this order: in the energy required by kitchen equipment, air conditioning and lighting.

Josep Lecina, CEO of the energy consultancy Enertips, says that, in an energy efficiency plan, there are three areas of action: the first is contracting the most appropriate tariff, the second is the reduction of energy consumption thanks to energy-efficient machinery, and the third is the use that is given to it.

That is why, it is demanding equipment that efficiently uses energy resources in order to reduce the cost of electricity consumption, also to including the creation of sustainable spacesthat reduce the ecological footprint generated by food preparation.

10 tips for an eco-friendly kitchen

  1. Furniture and decoration: chairs, tables, organizers, etc. made with environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Lighting: use low consumption bulbs, LED lights and energy regulators.
  3. Save energy: invest in equipment that is energy efficient.
  4. Use seasonal food: Try to prepare your menu with seasonal products, this way you contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
  5. Save water: use the dishwasher, never leave the tap running, wash fruits and vegetables in the same bowl.
  6. Recycle: separate the waste and deposit it in the appropriate containers.
  7. Choose sustainable kitchen utensils: like wooden cutting boards, glass containers, metal straws, etc.
  8. Buy organic products: prioritize buying from local, organic and responsible animal agriculture.
  9. Non-Disposable: Use reusable containers in every cooking process.
  10. Waste control: keep track of the stock in your restaurant, label it, store it and always use the product that you first buy. If you still have leftover prepared food, you can opt for trash cooking (preparing quality recipes with leftovers food)

Energy efficient hospitality equipment

QualityFry fryers join this restoration model that promotes sustainability and energy efficiency. Its ecofry technology saves up to 24% energy compared to traditional fryers thanks to its closed frying system that ensures that the oil temperature is always constant.

Our innovative, closed, vertical frying module fries with no light and with virtually no oxygen In this way, we minimise heat loss and ensure a constant oil temperature during frying, increasing its useful life compared to other fryers since there is no possible oxidation, achieving 37% oil savings Finally, during the frying and drying process in our equipment, the water, the evaporated oil and the volatilized solid particles are extracted, leaving a golden and crunchy product in record time (saves 27% of frying time), which in turn translates into a healthier food because it is submerged in the oil for less time.

New needs demand immediate solutions. Let´s know all the QualityFry equipment that have taken an important step by betting ona technology that offers energy efficiency in the kitchen.

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