Frying is one of the oldest cooking techniques. Connected, through the use of olive oil, with the culinary origins of the Mediterranean cultures, enjoys at present of great popularity. From the far west to the far corners of Asia, the recipes of frying are life insurance in many à la carte and menus, being increasingly appreciated and understood their role in a balance diet. Frying , by its characteristics of elaboration and profitability, has been consolidated in the business of fast food, in business of casual food and beverage and in the great food industry through snacks.

But getting a perfect frying is not a task without some difficulty. It is a culinary field where there is half measures: there is a short distance between a great frying and another little digestible. Good frying is one of the best secrets kept in the recipe books and tricks of mothers and grandmothers. Getting a crunchy, healthy and great tasting frying within the fast pace of hotel and food and beverage business is even a greater challenge. In this sense, the use of an advanced fryer technologically as Fast Chef Elite, that guarantees the quality control of frying, is essential to satisfy the more foodies clients.

Why Fast Elite Chef manages to fry without products that turn out to be greasy?

Because it makes deep frying . The product comes into contact with hot oil, which transfers heat, thereby raising its temperature. As the oil is at a temperature of 180-190 ºC, by simple physical laws, the contained water in the product that has come into contact with it, reaches 100 ºC (boiling point) and tends to gain height upon by becoming vapour. 

In our machines, this natural process is supported in the air extraction force, caused from a mechanism located at the top. Thus, water comes out before the solid product and its “pores” are closed in less time, getting before a crunchy covering, and only a minimal amount of oil penetrates inside.


How does our frying machine get that flavours do not mix?

The effect referred to “close” quickly the pores of the product during frying, considerably influences preventing that a food transmit their flavour to another, but there are more decisive factors to avoid it.

Sublimation is a physical process, by which the solids pass to gaseous state during frying. The forced extraction system of thefryer Fast Chef Elite handles avoiding that these active particles return to the oil and contaminate it with other flavours.


The Fast Chef Elite has been designed in vertical (as opposed to the traditional fryers – horizontal and open), for this reason it has an oil column with very little surface exposed to the oxygen contact. This effect minimizes the combustion and avoids thus the mixture of flavours. In addition, the rests of fried foods (leaves) fall to the bottom of the fryer chamber and kept in an area of “cold” oil, situated under the electric resistance, so they are not subject to the convective flows (hot oil rises, cold oil takes down) and so each food keeps its original flavour.

A healthy frying, without mixture of flavours, crunchy and high-quality in its presentation and appearance is just as well as a culinary delight, a good business opportunity. Frying products have very high profit margins and if they are inside the new models of fast food (fast good) and casual cooking, – that are committed to quality, customization and uniqueness of the offering-,can get to make a big difference.


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